Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are you up to a Challenge

Today is the big reveal day for my friend Erin's Challenge of... Contest.  The last challenge Erin put together was a challenge of color.  We were asked to pick a color family and then assigned a color palette in that family to design a unique piece of jewelry from.  That was a BOATLOAD of fun and it really helped me think outside of my normal old shoes rut (purple, turquoise and brown). 

So when I heard that Erin wold be making the announcement TODAY for this round of Challenge (which I love Challenge on the Food Network) I actually wrote it in my planner (yes the real paper version) to make sure to check out Erin's blog AND get my butt signed up because I know there's a limited number of spaces.

This morning Erin posted a great blog post to introduce The Challenge of Music.  You have to read her post because honestly, it paints you the perfect picture of inspiration for this challenge.  I know I'm crazy despite packing and moving to think I can do a challenge... But like the Little Red Caboose, I think I can, I think I can!"

I love challenges of any sort... it stimulates growth and growing is always a good thing!  SO if you would like to participate in The Challenge of Music by Erin Prais-Hintz, go to her blog post, take a read and be ready for a wonderful, creative journey!  Sign ups are limited and only open from today (2/1) through February 4th.

Look forward to seeing what YOU come up with!

Challenge of Color Entry - A Walk in the Woods

Challenge of Color Entry A Walk in the Woods is available in my Online Store!


Beadwright said...

Wow this is like my kind of jewelry. My colors exactly. You know that colors I love. Earth.
Great art my friend

Böbe Ikotics bezsi-beds said...


TesoriTrovati said...

You are so funny! I made it in YOUR PLANNER?! I don't even have a planner. It is a wonder that I make it through the day at all. And for the record, I am crazy overcommitted this month, but I know my bead peeps like you would be counting on something to make the winter pass quicker, and this is it! I am thrilled that you want to play along with me! The more I wrote about it (and yes, I know that it ain't a brief post!) the more I thought that this could be really fun. Not sure if it will become an annual like the color challenge, but it is certainly wide open! I appreciate that you are inspired to play despite your overload on the moving. You, my friend, are a trooper!
Enjoy the day, Miss Dawn!

Saturday Sequins said...


Doesn't this sound like such a fun and exciting challenge?

I absolutely love the cuff you made for the Challenge of Color. It's gorgeous!

Shaiha said...

I just love Erin's challenges and I need to get to work on it and also the one for ABS. I think that Erin hooked me on them last year.


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