Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who Needs a Brazilian Butt Lift if You have one of THESE

There are very few things in life that can truly serve more than one purpose... alas let me demonstrate.
Kristen Stevens Adaptation of Tutorial Diamonds are Forever by Nancy Dale

You see, I have a very good friend Kristen that we often have beading discussions and bounce ideas off of each other.  Well my darling friend decided to surprise me with an artisan crafted gift.  Imagine my delighted squeal as I opened my mailbox and found a padded envelope shipped directly from New York.

Within the package was the most beautiful bracelet.  You see, dear Kristen knows I have very small wrists.  We've discussed why I don't use tutorials or even the examples in Beadwork magazine.  She put on her artist's hat and took a tutorial created by beader Nancy Dale and modified it.  That's the beauty of being a real artist.  It's not about using somebody's pattern, it's about learning something from doing the tutorial then making it your own.

For those interested in learning how this bracelet was made, you can purchase Nancy's Diamonds are Forever tutorial for yourself from her etsy store here:

Now... what else makes this bracelet so special?  Well... as I opened the package I was so giddy, I tried right away to put it on.  I couldn't get the frickin clasp open.  I was on the phone with Kristen at the time and she started laughing... imagine that, laughing at me, her dear friend.  (Just kidding Kristen!) 

Kristen had used the most incredibly strong magnetic clasp I have ever seen!  Seriously, if I had a necklace on with one of these, and had the other end attached to my butt, honest to goodness, I'd never need a Brazilian Butt Lift!  It would pick that tooshie up so it would be nice and perky all day long!

I was laughing so hard as we talked... my brain wandered to so many other uses for said magnetic clasp.  But I won't get into those right here... LOL  Needless to say, you'll have to get intouch with Kristen to find out what planet she got those on, because they are outta this world!! 

Kristen, I feel so very honored to have such a beautiful creation.  You know I love purple, but the detail you put into this bracelet was impeccable!  I love, love, love the crystals and the fit is perfect!  Everytime I wear it, it'll remind me what a wonderful friendship we share!


Nancy's Blog:
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NEDbeads said...

What a wonderful post, and not just because you linked to me - I love how much you two care about each other, and I ADORE how Kristen took my design and made it her own!! You both rock out, and thank you so much for the shout out, as well. Huge hugs, and great glee to you both!! (And I doubt you need a butt lift, either of you, lol!!!)

Kristen said...

Oh Nancy is wayyyy to sweet I totally need a butt lift! You are both ROCKSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

Yeah for friends! Always there when you need them.

Saturday Sequins said...


I also belong to the tiny wrist club! When I worked in a bead store and customers needed to know if their projects would fit their kids, I was always the guinea pig.

The butt lift joke is cracking me up. You guys are hilarious. :)


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