Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Ads - Just My Opinion on a Monday Morning

First, let me ask... did you watch the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl (or both) last night?  We had the Super Bowl on and didn't personally have a vested interest in either team.  We do have very good friends that are die hard "Big Blue" fans and other dear friends that will bleed New England blood.  But with Chris a Packer fan, and I a Bear fan... we hoped it would be a great game (a true nail biter) and that the commercials would live up to their hype.

So with a degree in marketing and a love of GOOD commercials, I just had to tell you I loved the dog* commercials this year.  (*Provided all dogs were represented fairly and compensated according to their acting experience.)  Actually, I thought the dogs took the cake and the human commercials stunk! (Just my opinion - it's my blog and I can voice that here, k?)

But here's where my mind wanders... overall, I thought 10% of the ads were good.  I thought there were too many commercials for upcoming television shows and movies.  I get it, they need to be promoted too.  BUT they did nothing about even peeking my interest during the Super Bowl - where I'm watching for and expecting funny.  Sorry...

Really though, when I was growing up, the ads were about eating, drinking and having fun.  Not about the new series of blah, blah, blah reality show on TV.  It was about selling more potato chips, or drinking more beer and even which brand of cars are the best.  But really, the next reality tv show or doom movie on the big screen... I give it a big YAWN during the Super Bowl! 

I know, we have an obesity epidemic in this country.  But many of the "junk food" companies are coming out with healthier options - so they can advertise those, especially in a humorous way.  And moderation is the key.  But before I get on that soapbox, I still think people that watch the Super Bowl for the ads, we really aren't giving a rat's patoosey about the next reality tv show or movie.  Those commercials air every.other.night.of.the.year.

If you didn't get to see the commercials, NBC has set up a youtube channel with all the ads.  I know from chatting with some Canadian friends last year that Canada blocks out some commercials for US products.  Here's a link to their channel:  The ones I thought were awesome for you to check out were the Sketchers ad, both Doritos ads were great, VW ad and the Bud Light rescue dog "Herewego" LOL  I'm laughing just typing that!  Oh my....

Bella however, she frowns upon (and barks at) any dog in our house... especially those that come in via the television (no matter if they are real or cartoon).  Yes, she didn't like the Budweiser Clydesdales either.  In her mind, she could take on the whole team of those horses!  LOL  Oh little/big dog syndrome - how funny you are.

The one ad that I laughed my rear off at was in the opening commercial break. This in addition to the several commercials featuring dogs was the M&Ms commercial.  It had me holding my stomach in laughter.

So which ads were your favorites?  Hope you got a laugh or two... after all, laughter IS the best medicine!
Have a fantastic week!



coolmoon said...

Dawn, were livin in my head this morning? Cuz those are my sentiments, exactly. Seriously, we could be thought twins. Happy Monday!

TesoriTrovati said...

I would agree with you Dawn. I loved the M&Ms and the dog ad with the Herewego. I loved the two ads with the babies I saw, eTrade and Doritos. I thought most of them were lame-o or what I would normally see. It boggles my mind that they would spend that sort of money for nothing much new. And the game was a total snooze fest. The last 58 seconds got us revved up but other than that, we just sat and ate and turned up the sound when the ads came on! But it was fun to get together with some friends. And not have to cook.

Herewego! Woof!

Enjoy the day!

P.S. Go Packers!

Shirley said...

Well, not being a huge sports fan, and with a sick kid, we didn't get together for a party. We briefly landed for a couple of minutes of the oh so lame halftime show, then came back for the last 3 minutes of the game, so I missed the commercials. I'll have to go watch. I totally agree that Superbowl commercials should not be about upcoming shows.
Have an awesome day!

Finding Charm said...

I liked the M&M one as well. I was hoping for Google ads, but none that I saw. They do such a neat job with theirs. I also liked the Chevy truck commercial. Got a chuckle out of that - for the good humored.


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