Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Lampwork Glass Necklace Project

It's like Christmas in March!!!

I'm so excited. I got a package today with all sorts of beaded goodies from Fire Mountain Gems! I want to share a sneak peak of a necklace I'll be working on.... I got a fun lampwork glass pendant, and some great pearls & beads to accent it. As we're headed into warmer weather and spring break for so many people, my mind is wandering to tropical... and this pendant reminds me of seeing the schools of fish, coral and other beautiful creatures while scuba diving!

I can't wait to start seeing this take shape! But for now, here's you're sneak peak!

Hope you were able to enjoy the beginnings of spring in your area!


Jen V. said...

You're making a great jump to spring break vacay thoughts! Love it! I'm spending my spring break being totally productive...I bought a wedding dress today, changed my name, and now I'm on episode three of Season Two of House! It has been a long day! haaaaaaaaa

Dawn Doucette said...

Go Jen Go!!! What a productive day! Wedding dress & name change all in the same down... now that's incredible woman! You really know how to move! LOL

I'm just really ready for spring... no more winter & cold. :) I know what you think about, you bring about... so thinking about the tropics might bring on a vacation?!?! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Let's see pics of the wedding dress! I love weddings!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Isn't it fun when a bead package arrives...just like Christmas!!!

Your lampwork pendant is perfect for the warmer weather as are your beads...can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Weather here has been unseasonably warm since I returned from my trip...sunny, blue sky...I just love looking at the blue in the sky the color is gorgeous!!!


Dawn Doucette said...

Heather, I think you brought the warm weather back from your trip and we all appreciate it! It's been a gorgeous week... although this weekend sounds like we're dipping back into the cold weather again.... just in time for spring. LOL

Thanks for taking a peak at the beginning of this project. I'll post pictures when I get it done!

Have a terrific day!


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