Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help I'm Having Too Much FUN!

Seriously, I am having too darn much fun!  I've been photographing new jewelry (because the sun has been AWESOME) and finishing some incredible bead embroidery pieces that will be on display first at my Beaded Dreams Debut on April 28th! 

If you read this post you'll know how much fun I've been having making earrings in between squinting over all the seed beads.  Mixing Lampwork with Crystals and pearls makes such a yummy ear candy!  What also makes it so much fun is letting the colors I'm working with take me away (in my own mind) anytime I need to "travel!" 

This pair of earrings makes me feel like I'm on a tropical paradise.  I can feel the sun warming my face, hear the waves lapping at the beach and I can almost taste the margarita... almost.  The beads were again from my stash of Julsbeads and I love the swirl of the orange and turquoise shades together.  They were the perfect combination of two of this years "IT" Pantone 2011 colors!

The orange shades reflect the coral rose (which looks more orangy to me).  The turquoise is similar to the shade Regatta.  But more than that, the whole look makes me smile... both colors exemplify happiness, and that's how I feel just seeing these earrings!

I've just listed them in my Artfire Store for sale!  Stay tuned as I add more!  But in the mean time, I can't wait to share my latest bead embroidered piece.  I'm still drooling...

Have a wonderful afternoon! 


sundownbeaddesigns said...

Lucky you for having some fabulous sunshine! Those lampwork beads are such great colors!

Best wishes with the Beaded Dreams piece!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous colors, but then you knew I would say that...

Can't wait to see your Beaded Dreams Debut...sounds great!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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