Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stepping Out of my Comfort Zone

Old shoes, favorite jeans, mac & cheese, fleece blankets ... all provide so much comfort and if you're like me, you could live in the Land of Comfort and not look back!  BUT, as an artisan, I know it's imperative to step out of the L.o.C. once in a while in order to grow.

This being said, I'm going to bare my soul to you all right now... I have a very, very hard time with rejection.  I love peace and happiness, and I like it when everything is going along beautifully.  The word that I have still not overcome in my life is hearing the word "No."

In some respects I know that's a good thing.  Don't tell me I can't do something because I will prove you wrong.  But when it comes to the pieces of jewelry I design, those pieces come from my heart.  So when I put them out there for the world to see, there's always that moment of "what if someone doesn't like it!"  gasp  While the logical, intelligent side of me knows that everybody has different tastes and you can't please everybody, the soft tender soul in me just wants everybody to feel all happy and inspired when they see, feel, wear a Designs by Dawn Marie original.

Why do I spill... well, I'm putting it out there that my goal for 2011 is to be more "active" in the bead community.  This involves putting my designs up for gasp votes and critique from the public!  Yikes!  I could crawl back in bed with a bowl of ice cream as I type this!  Yes, I have never entered my jewelry in any sort of contest or tried to be published in a magazine.  While it's a tremendous goal of mine to find my name in print somewhere (preferably not the speeding tickets in our local paper) in order to get there I have to take that HUGE step of submitting a Designs by Dawn Marie original piece.

Just the other day, I saw my friend Regina with Sundance Gems post on her blog about a contest through Happy Mango Beads.  Happy Mango is so generous, anybody can enter regardless of who supplies your beads and supplies.  The theme of this contest is Be(ad) My Valentine!  Since I love LOVE I have deemed this the perfect contest to enter to help me through my self-imposed "rejection therapy!"

So there you have it... one of my biggest fears laid out there for you.  I know we are always our own worst critics, but I know I can't possibly be the only one!  Who knows... maybe once I submit an entry to this contest, I'll find the courage to submit a piece to a printed publication... it remains to be seen!

Thanks for being in my corner (and for reading this whole darn post!)  You inspire me and I can't wait to share what I create for this contest!

Make it a terrific day! {Hugs!}
~ Dawn


TesoriTrovati said...

Make it happen, Dawn.
I think that as artists we have a capacity to feel things more deeply. It takes a lot of courage to put your babies out there in the world and hope that someone wants to love them and wear them proudly. But there is also an elation that you miss out on if you don't stretch yourself to try. I don't get accepted every single time I submit something. I always thank them for the opportunity. I don't always win the contests that I enter. Sometimes I don't even place. But the important thing is that I showed up. Go for it. I will be right here cheering you on!
Enjoy the day!

Meg Carter said...

You can do it Dawn!!!!! Way to put yourself out there. Rejection can be hard but only makes you stronger. I have had times at craft shows where I am glad I have sunglasses on so the rude husband that just said he does not like any of my jewelry does not see my eyes welling up with tears. It can be hard but you push through. Jewelry is an art and just as I don't like some paintings some people don't like my jewelry... it is bound to happen. Don't ever let it get you down too much. Good luck with the entries. Meg

Azure Islands Designs said...

Go for it girl!!! First of all your work is beautiful...having said that, as you well know everyone has different tastes so not winning/being published is really not about people not liking your work it is about judges who have a taste for something else!!! Give it a go, I know you will make yourself proud...wait and will be fun!!!

I've often thought of entering contests or trying for publication but my problem is to take the time so make something specific for the event...I don't seem to take the time!

Listen...I know that you've put it out there you are going to feel as though you have to follow through...can't wait to see what you come up with... :0)



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