Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amethyst Kiss - Heart Pendant on Beaded Necklace!

Rainy days provide so much time to make new jewelry!!! While I love sunshine, sometimes we just need those damp, grey days to finish projects we started, or check off more things on our to-do list!

One of the things on my to-do list was to create this necklace. I had made a similar one for myself a few weeks back and absolutely love it. I've gotten many compliments and the colors are the 'IN' colors for this spring & summer. I wanted to share the love with all of you in Blogland, but also several of my jewelry fans on Facebook and in Etsy.

So I created this Amethyst Kiss necklace. The pendant is an amethyst heart and is embellished using Blue Moon Lampwork Glass beads, a mix of lavender seed beads and a hint of yellow. It is now listed in my Etsy Store so it's available just in time for Easter to finish your perfect Easter outfit!

Today's another rainy day in WI, so who knows what the Bead Fairy will deliver today! ;) Have a terrific weekend everybody!

Click here to go shopping in my Etsy Store.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Love it Dawn...but then you knew I would... :0)

Every once in a while I do a list, I manage to complete the list of tasks them promptly forget about making another list...I do tend to get side tracked!! ! I'm envious of those who are structured...I'm certainly not! :0)
It was cloudy but warm again here today...supposed to be that way for the next couple of weeks!

Enjoy the rest of your week end Dawn...

Dawn Doucette said...

I knew you'd love the colors in this necklace Heather! :)

Staying on task is hard for most people... especially creative people like you and I. But I do find that if I don't make a list... I can "meander" forever and get a whole lotta nothing done! LOL

So thus, the necessity of lists in my life! It's going to be in the 50's here this week. I might be able to get out and start turning over the soil in my gardens. Yipee!!!!

Have a terrific week!

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