Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love Glass

Do you ever find in your designing and being creative that one medium continues to catch your eye?  I have two jewelry loves, that continue to make my eyes light up... one is anything wire crocheted with beads... the other is glass!  I LOVE glass... beads, pendants... anything glass that's shiny and colorful seems to fit right at home in my studio.  LOL

Isn't that funny?  Here's just one example.  The pendant was just calling my name (I swear, I heard it and I'm not crazy).  So I matched it with a great mix of seed beads in complimentary colors.  I wire crocheted a 3-strand necklace that serves as a beautiful chain for the pendant!

I'm experimenting with other wire crochet styles and love how many different looks I can create.  I'll have a great bracelet picture coming soon (when I get a bright day outside so I can take pictures again.)  Hope your day is marvelous!


Jenni said...

Very impressed with the wire crocheting! Great color choices :) Jealous of your day out and kiddos wish I were home all the time too..I keep telling them..I'm working on it!!
Enjoy your day! And hopefully the weather will brighten up a bit :)

Jen V. said...

I'm with you...the draw of a perfectly lovely piece of glass can be overwhelming!!! This piece came out great! Hope all's well. :) Jen

Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks Jenni & Jen! I had a blast with the little ones today. I can spoil them rotten, then hand them back over to their mama! Auntie's Priviledge!

I do love to wire crochet. For me it's almost as zen as yoga! LOL

Jen V. I love your glass beads you featured on your blog from you play date with Ms. Fire! ;) Someday I'll fulfill that dream of mine... to not just drool over glass, but to design it!

Have a wonderful evening ladies!

jdavissquared said...

might as well add another jen to the comments! ha!

Just wanted to thank you for your kind words this week. I really appreciate it. ;)

p.s. your jewelry is so pretty!


Dawn Doucette said...

Love it Jen. I'm a big fan of all the Jens! I'm glad your furry baby is doing better! My dogs are my kids too, so I know how you feel! Have a wonderful weekend!



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