Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beaded Eye Glass Chain - Eyeglass Holders

Happy Weekend dear friends!  I hope this post finds you enjoying your Saturday with someone near and dear to you.  I wanted to share a little project I'm working on this weekend. 

Shortly before the Christmas Holiday Chris' mom called me and said "You clever gal, I bet you could make something for me.  I'm looking for an eye glass chain but all the ones they sell at the drug store are a cheap metal and leave a black ring around my neck.  Would you be able to do something pretty in beads?"

From there my beaded eye glass holders began.  She liked the first one so much that about every 4 weeks she's "commissioning" me to make her another one is specified colors to go with her wardrobe of the month.

Fast forward now nearly 4 months... she's been telling everybody all over town when they comment on her beautiful beaded eye glass chains that her future daughter-in-law makes these.  So this week, the salon where she gets her hair and nails done asked if they could carry a few of these to sell to their customers.   So I'm in the process of putting a few together in different colors and styles that the salon can market.  I'm excited to see how they go over as I've been in discussion with another local spa about possibly carrying my jewelry line in their boutique.

It's a bit frightening on one hand because previously I've sold over the internet and via friends or referrals.  So moving to a larger sized operation is a bit of a step out of my comfort zone... but we don't grow if we don't dip our toes in the water, right?

I'll keep you posted with a finished product picture of the eye glass chains I put together.  Thank you so much for reading... and if you picked up your readers for this post... I happen to know where you can get a beautiful chain to carry them around your neck! :)

Happy Weekending!

P.S.  Just got this book... and am really looking forward to writing a review for it.  It takes your online business to a whole new level, something I've been enjoying working with as my resolution for 2010.


Jen V. said...

Good luck with the new market! I agree, it can be a little scary, but well worth it. :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Thanks Jen! This first step is small, and worst case scenario nothing sells. Which I don't believe will be the case. So from there I grow and all sorts of wonderful people get to experience the treasures I pour my heart into.

Thanks so much for your friendship! I gain such inspiration from your blog! Never fear the unknown... because Jen Judd Rocks!!!! :)

Have a terrific Sunday!


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