Thursday, March 18, 2010

Azure Islands Give-Away Contest

Isn't this GORGEOUS???

I'm really excited to share this contest with you! I've gotten to know Heather Cote, the artisan that created Azure Island Designs, for many months now. Heather does absolutely beautiful work and I just LOVE how she photographs her work. I often tease Heather that when I grow up in Jewelryland, I want to take pictures just like her! :o)

This week, Heather is a featured artist on Diane Estrella's blog. As part of being a featured artist, Diane is having a give away for this BEAUTIFUL bracelet that Heather created! It's super easy to enter, just go to Diane's blog and leave a comment. For a great second chance go over to Heather's blog and follow her! Anybody that wins this bracelet is uber lucky! I personally LOVE it!!!

Click here to go to Diane's blog
Click here to go visit Heather's blog

That's it...

Like I said, I've been following Heather's blog for months. All of her work is stunning. I love it when I log into blogger and in my dashboard see that Heather posted new pictures on her blog! I'm confident you'll absolutely love your visit over there too and be back frequently! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Such a kind gesture Dawn, thank you for doing the post, & tweeting, & the Facebook post, you were busy... :0)

You have me blushing with all your amazing words!!!

It is a pleasure to be your friend...sometimes we just click with people in persona & in the blogging world & I do think you & I clicked!

By the way be proud of your photos...they are great!
Have a wonderful day Dawn...
PS...sunny & warm here again today...I love it!!!

Dawn Doucette said...

You're so welcome Heather! Your jewelry is stunning and you deserve all the compliments. Blushing isn't a bad thing when it's earned! ;)

It's funny, some days are computer days, and others are studio days. This morning started out on the computer so I'm just going with the flow!

I actually am hoping to get a little garden clean up in this afternoon! It's supposed to be 66 here today!!! That's crazy for March. But it is breezy, so my piles of leaves & sticks might just blow into our woods! LOL

Enjoy your beautiful day!


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