Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun With Wire Crochet

One of the wonderful skills my Grandma taught me as a child is how to crochet... Fast Forward 30 years and I've re-discovered my love of crocheting!  It's just one of the jewelry styles I create, but I love the fact that every piece turns out different. 

I've found that when you see wire crochet in person, you are "awed" at how unique it is, yet it's hard to judge it based on photos alone!  :)  As you know, we all try out best to take goo photos, but I'm not a professional photographer.  And the nature of wire crochet - the bends, twists, curls, etc - make getting a clear picture a challenge!  But it's a challenge I'm up for taking!

So here's a few pieces of wire crochet I've created.  I recently did a custom order for my dear friend Stacy.  Her request was jewelry in the school colors for the University of Texas - El Paso.  While school colors aren't always beautiful together, I really wanted to bring an element of fun to her design.  So I created a wire crochet cuff style bracelet and multi-strand wire crochet necklace.  She loved it so much she posted her testimonial on her blog!  You can see for yourself the special jewelry I designed for her! :)

Curious?  Want to see it for yourself?  Drop me a line!  I'm always happy to help!  Have a terrific day!

This is one of my favorite wire crochet books... many great ideas!

Crochet with Wire


Kristen said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have learned how to crochet but not with wire or beads yet! You made these pieces work so well together! Someday maybe I will try but I am hooked on making beaded components right now!


Nadiaher said...

j'aime beaucoup! c'est trés original!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Lovely! I always wanted to try crochet or knitting with wire.

patmcaudel said...

ah, another grandma taught crocheter. I had 2 Hungarian grandma's and didn't stand a chance. we moved to ca when i was 9 and i had been doing hand work for will not not good handwork.

if you would like to come by myplace,

due to a mess of illness this year i haven't kept up my blog, but i love yours!
pat moses-caudel


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