Friday, September 17, 2010

Loads of Thanks & an Extra Kiss!

I really want to thank everybody that participated in Blogmania... all of you that read and commented, all of the other blogs that helped to promote and most importantly my wonderful team members.  I couldn't have put together such a wonderful giveaway package without you.  I've thoroughly enjoyed following your blogs and stores all summer and sharing your artistic creations with the world... literally!  I love the internet.

If you were supremely busy blog hopping over the last two day with Blogmania and didn't get a chance to visit my team members, please take some time to do so.  They are all so talented and truly wonderful women that have become more than team members but also dear, personal friends!

While I am tallying up the amazing results from our Blogmania entries, I wanted to let you know, I'll be announcing the winner... right here on my blog... on SUNDAY, Sept 19th.  I wish I had 1,358 prize packages to give away because you ALL deserve to win.  Your comments, thoughts and favorite things have been so enjoyable to read.  I just loved how diverse everyone's "favorites" are!

I hope you had a lot of fun with Blogmania - and that you will win some wonderful prizes!  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and love you showed my wonderful team.



Kristen said...

Oh Dawn thank you for putting it all together! I found a couple of really cool blogs to follow and had a blast visiting as many as I could! I also made a new friend (humm do you know her? ) Take your time and enjoy your weekend!

Super big Hugs!

slmpetersen said...

While my job got in the way of actual Blogmania event I enjoy every ounce of participation with you and our team! What a great friendship I have built with you and will always treasure! Blogmania opened a number of window for my shops, blog and creativity! Thank you for pulling it all together!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Awww, you ladies are the best! Kristen... I think we might be sisters separated at birth! I can't wait to share more with you!

Stacy, you are definitely my Sister from another Mister... I'm so greatful that Blogmania introduced us and really look forward to a life-long friendship! You have so many wonderful ideas and I know you will make your dreams come true. I have no doubt about it!

{Hugs to you both!} ♥

Anonymous said...

This has been a wonderful giveaway!!

Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm in putting everything together! XD


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