Friday, September 10, 2010

Super Sparkly Custom Order

I received a message in my FB mailbox from a friend I met via one of the many home businesses Chris & I tried to build before I decided to take control of my own future.  While those businesses had challenges from a corporate leadership stand, we were blessed to meet some really terrific people!  Kathy was one of them!  If you met her... you'd never forget her, she's really that wonderful!

Kathy is a Social Media expert and will be speaking at a huge conference sharing everything she knows.  So as the star of the show, she wanted stunning jewelry that was guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Here's what Kathy was looking for: "I Love Sparkley!  I'm looking for something in browns, golds or neutrals.  I don't want it to short (like a choker).  I'm undecided what exactly I'm going to wear, but this will give me lots of options.  Oh yeah, and earrings to match too, please."

Enter into Kathy's world pearls & swarovski crystals... I created a Bib-style necklace because it offered lots of sparkle and yet isn't chunky.  This way Kathy can handle the microphone like a pro and not let her jewelry get in the way!  I used bronze pearls with Crystal Swarovski rounds & bicones.  I also added some small Lt. Colorado Topaz to add sparkle and color that was a perfect match for the pearls.

Thanks so much Kathy for trusting me to add some sparkle to your already sparkly personality!  I know you'll do well and people will be enthralled with the message you are delivering.  You're the best in your field dear and I guarantee your message will be well embraced.

To learn more about Social Media, you can find Kathy on Facebook where you'll get to know her and find the link to her website:

I loved working on your custom order Kathy!  Designing with a purpose, for a special person or personality is a true pleasure.  Thanks for allowing me such joy!



Regina said...

What a beautiful necklace, you always create great sparkly jewelry. With your knowledge of marketing, I would love to hear your thoughts on FB and any suggestions you might have for me. Check my latest giveaway, a necklace for some advice... hope to hear from you. Enjoy the weekend.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you Regina! I do love sparkly! :) I also love FB and am very happy to share what I know. I popped over and left some thoughts on your blog because I love helping people out. But I do have many more thoughts. Send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to share more FB ideas with you.

Also, my good friend Stacy (SLMPetersen) did a blog post not long about about social networking. It really has a lot of helpful tips.

Here's her link to check it out! :)

Hope this helps. And always feel free to ask away any questions you have. My virtual door is always open!

Have a wonderful weekend!

slmpetersen said...

Dawn - thanks for all the support and link backs. Love this custom piece, how sophisticated and eye catching this will be for Kathy to wear. I'll be popping over to Kathy's page now! Have a great day!


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