Friday, January 7, 2011

The Beads are Talking

Focal Bead Created By Julianna Cannon - JulsBeads
In my brain... yes, I think they're whooping it up in there singing We are the Champions, We are the Champions, there's no time for... ♫ you get the drift?  I was able to snap some pictures yesterday while the sun was all beautiful and such... and then got turned sideways and upside down and by then the sun set.  So the mission continues... stay focused, but not too focused.

I have to focus enough to make some dandy new creations - BUT - not too focused that I accumulate 1,493 pieces that all need to be photographed and listed in my store.  In helping to "organize" (and I use that term loosely" my designs and my work space, I've noticed my designing goes in spurts.  Sometimes I'm just jamming on the strung and wire wrapped pieces.  Other weeks the seed beads massage my back, and sweet talk me so I give them all my attention.  I know these two styles often appeal to different people, so in my infinite search of "organization" I'm trying to spotlight these pieces in different ways.

Make Sense?

Dandy!  So now, that you have a little sneak peek into the elves in my brain that never stop working (bless those elves) I'm going to let them get back to work as I enjoy just oneeeee more cup of coffee!

What's on tap for your weekend?


Julianna Cannon said...

Tell those elves to move over~ I wanna come play in your grey matter! LOVE the necklace, Dawn!

Bree, Home of Blogmania said...

You are funny Dawn! Glad you are enjoying your work and your work seems to enjoy you :)- have a great weekend.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Simply Gorgeous...

I'm a spurts kind of person as well...but...1,493 pieces, oh my goodness, that's a lot of spurts!!! :0)

As long as you are enjoying yourself that is all that matters...right, everything else will still be there???


Jewelry box material said...

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