Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Still Christmas Somewhere

Right?  I have emerged from the depths of quickbooks... I can still see, I'm breathing and I am not yet committed to a rubber room... BONUS!  So today, I'm getting together with one of my very best girlfriends ever for our Christmas celebration.  DON'T LAUGH!

Every time she and I plan on getting together, it snows.  Well there was no snow in the forecast for today (however as I glance out the window... sure enough, it's snowing.)  But look at the radar and it shows nothing... can you believe it? 

So today is our Christmas and I'm so excited to get together with A.  She & I have been dearest friends since we were 14 years old.  We've gone through so much together and always been there for each other.  Laughter, tears, loss and joy.  She actually participated in my open house last November (to see a photo from then, click here).

Tomorrow I'll have a photo for you... but for today, I'm just wishing you a boatload of sunshine and love!

Hope your day is superb!!!

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Azure Islands Designs said...

It was snowing lightly here as well...much warmer than it has been!!!

Have the most wonderful time with your special friend...having a friend like A is something to cherish...keep the friendship close to your heart!


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