Monday, January 24, 2011

A Necessary Evil

'Tis that time of year again!  (insert doom-sounding drumroll here)... Tax time for businesses... ughhh!  Yes, I've never been the earlybird when it comes to "updating" the bookkeeping system... but it is now time, and I mustn't delay or I will most definitely turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight - and then my butt would most certainly look big in a gigantic orange suit!  And that would be just bad.

So today, I am married to my Quickbooks... I have stiff, stiff cups of coffee flowing intravenously into my veins, I've got the shades drawn and I'm practicing to be a hermit - NO fun!

I'll be back soon (I hope)... or Chris will summon all of you for help to get my head out of the wall!  Hope your week is full of creativity... and not as mundane as mine must (required by law) start out to be.  Because if it was my choice, I'd be hopping the first plane to a tropical paradise with all of you... and those hunky cabana boys, yeah, they'd be waiting with fruity drinks the moment we got off the plane!  Promise!



TesoriTrovati said...

Honey, I haven't even started mine. And this year my so-called system did not happen. Not even once. That is the ONLY thing that I am allowed to do this week. Keep me posted on your progress so that I can commiserate with you!
Find a something good today, will you?
Enjoy the day!

slmpetersen said...

I could use one of those stress reduction kits at work! We have yet to embark on the task of taxes. Picture this - 4 W2's from 2 states, one state we lived in has state taxes, the state hubby technically works in has state taxes and then you toss in moving expenses and some rental property...Basically that translates to 1 federal tax return and 2 state returns. I feel you pain, Baby!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Please...don't mention the dreaded word!!!
I started doing some paper work on Sunday but here it sits on my desk only a few pages into it!

I'll get there...just as you will!
Don't forget to take a break to breath...very important!


jarmaine | jewelry hang tags said...

Oh, good luck with that! I'm sure almost everyone dreads that time, but yeah, have to go through it!

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