Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Family Member

I'm so happy to write this post... grab a quick cup of java and prepare yourself for a story with a happy ending.

Dad & Riley Nov. '08
Back in December (2 weeks before Christmas) my Mom & Dad had to kiss their beloved Riley good-bye for one final time before he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Riley wasn't just a dog, he was a member of our family.  He had health challenges for a number of years, but he had just turned 8.  And as small dogs go, you never expect their lives to be short.  But as fall turned to winter, Riley's heart grew heavy and ultimately he was called home to Heaven.

While Christmas was wonderful having all of us kids home, and the grandkids, there was something missing for Mom & Dad.  At the end of the day, when the slippers and jammies were on, there was a silence... something was missing.

After the holidays the quiet & loneliness really set in.  During the day, the house was really quiet... there's something about sharing a home with another living breathing creature that just makes it warmer.  At night, when Dad came home from work, there was no little Riley waiting at the top of the stairs to kiss him.

But the loss was sooooooo hard, and their hearts needed to heal.  Riley was so special to Mom & Dad.  He's the only dog my Dad has ever owned.  He was everything to my Dad.  Could he ever love another dog like he loved Riley?

And then they received a message - a sign - that just maybe the best way to heal was to bring another dog home and shower it in love.  They received an e-mail from their veterinarian, a vert trusted vet and friend.  She knew about a breeder that had a litter of puppies that were a championship bloodline.  They had one female left and she's 4 months old.  The vet has been seeing the parents (both dog and human) for generations with their Cavaliers.  She gave them the name and phone number of the breeders.

Mom calls to tell me about them.  Like a good daughter, I look up the breeders on the web and find a video of the last two females they had in the litter.  The puppies were precious.  They were the same breed as Riley, but a different color.  Could those little girls warm Mom & Dad's hurting hearts?
Proud Papa

One look at the video had my Dad giddy as a kid at Christmas.  It was as if you had refilled his vitamins.  He had bounce in his step and a true twinkle in his eye.  And he hadn't even met the pup in person yet! 

Well today was the day.  They went down to meet the breeders, the puppy, and the parent dogs.  The owners were beyond generous, so kind and truly passionate about their dogs.  They too treat their Cavaliers as family members.  When they send a puppy to a home, it's as if a member of their family is moving out.  There is a happiness for the puppy starting their new lives with wonderful owners, but a sadness as their little one is moving on.

It took only moments for this little girl to melt Mom & Dad's heart.  They knew she was meant to be theirs.  She nuzzled into my Mom's neck.  Her sister in the litter (whom the owners are keeping) was beyond playful and showed off just how much love the owners have been giving all the pups.

Hugs were exchanged and Mom & Dad brought LUCY home!  Lucy is a snuggler.  We stopped over to meet the new baby, felt we should be bringing some dog bone cigars to celebrate the arrival.  The best part is seeing how in an instant, how the love of a dog can make so many people smile.  How she can bring peace to a grieving home and how she makes us all feel so very important.
Mom, Dad & Baby Lucy

I promised you a happy ending!  I know Mom & Dad are happy, but I'm over the moon with happiness that they both have that fuzzy warm little bundle of fur there to shower them with kisses every morning and waggles every night!

Chris snuggling with little Lucy
Hope your weekend is filled with happiness and love.... and if you have fur babies like my family does.... give them an extra pat from me!

{Hugs & Love!}


Regina said...

I love happy endings, I am so glad that your Mom & Dad have Lucy, ... a gift from Riley. What precious pictures, thank you for sharing such a heart warming story. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Paige said...

What a wonderful story! I love "meeting" other Lucy pups...and your parents is beyond adorable. :)

scottsgal said...

Your parents look so happy and Lucy is beyond adorable! Love those spaniel expressions - may they share many many years with sweet Lucy - Congrats to all!

slmpetersen said...

I knew there would be a new baby! congrats on the new family member!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

congratulations on the new baby in the family! your post started off so sad, but just like you said it had such a happy ending. i'm so happy your parents have a new bundle to love!

Kristen said...

AAAAAWWWWWW!!!! Tears of Joy! Give everyone Hugs!!!!!! Oh I so need a kleenex!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is just the sweetest story of puppy love ever. So glad that your family has opened your hearts to a new furry baby. Thank you for sharing that!
Enjoy the day!

MelJoy Creations said...

My parents adopted a new baby this year, too, named Buddy. He's a Jack Russell Terrier (terror!) that was abandoned. A rescue I volunteer with pulled him from the animal control center before they euthanized him (because of lack of space at the control center).
Needless to say, Buddy is now a very happy doggy and my mom and dad are very happy with their new furry baby boy!
So happy for your parents and their new bundle of joy! It's so nice reading of others love for animals.

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