Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pictures of Christmas

Thanks all for the Christmas wishes yesterday!  LOL  We had a DANDY lunch... full of laughter and catching up on all the latest juicy girl talk... you know the drill!  So despite the 38 snowflakes we had (which was just Mother Nature's way of reminding us she's still listening) we had a great time!

Before I show you a photo of the jewelry I made for Angela, I want to share a bit about her.  Angela is an RN that works in a rehabilitation facility down in Rockford.  Her specialty was helping patients that had serious spinal cord injuries that permanently changed their lives.  Fast Forward... She had a serious accident a few years ago that resulted in her becoming a spinal cord patient receiving the therapy she had been giving.  Life can change in an instant.  I admire Angela's spirit... she lets NOTHING get in her way or keep her down.  After much therapy, she's still working at the facility, but her job duties have changed.  She has a new level of respect and admiration for her patients as she's been in their shoes too!  They all relate to her and often form friendships and a support team for when they go back home. 

As a way to supplement her income and surround herself in positivity as she healed, she became a beauty consultant with Mary Kay.  The way the women pick each other up is inspiring.  Plus being able to share beauty with woman across the globe brings out a glow in women that nothing can compare with.

So as I thought of Angela, I wanted a piece that demonstrated natural beauty, strength and elegance.  Something that she could wear to a professional function with Mary Kay, or at work on the days she's doing administrative work.  SO without further adieu... here's my interpretation of Angela in jewelry form!

Hope you take a moment today to tell a dear friend how special they are.  Friendships and life are priceless, so cherish those that are close to you.  Life can change in an instant!

Peace & Love to you!


Azure Islands Designs said... the color combo, and I'm a huge fan of large/chunky bracelets...I'm sure Angela loves the set!

Isn't it wonderful how some people have such strength and determination enabling them to come back from adversity...


american gold buffalo said...

Jewelery are any women's best friend. They enhance the beauty of women and makes the outer appearance more versatile.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

We did have a wonderful time! I think that's the beauty of jewelry... bringing out a woman's inner beauty to glow for the world!


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