Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharing BIG Savings on Eye Glasses with you!

My New Glasses
Today I'm deeming Make the Most of it MONDAY!!!!  About 2 weeks ago, I had my regular eye exam to see how much better my eyes have changed.  LOL  This time, they had changed just a little bit.  YEAH!  That's progress.  While my glasses would work to use the old prescription... I mentioned that I noticed when I am working with tiny little seed beads that my eyes feel exhausted.  Of course common sense says take more breaks and rest the eyes.  But I really would prefer to have the correct prescription for driving at night and things.

So I chose to keep the current frames I have and get just new lenses.... thinking it would be more affordable. Imagine my shock after the woman entered my new prescription in the computer, and said with the exam the total would be $270+ - YIKES!  Seriously, using the frames I already own?  I don't have bifocals or expensive lenses either... just your basic, single vision prescription lens.

 So I had the tech order the trial contact lenses (because my astigmatism has changed) so I could try them and see if I wanted to order new contacts.  I also asked her to print out my glasses prescription so I could ponder it.

Enter my cousin Lexi...
Lexi had gotten glasses online from a company called Zenni Optical numerous times.  Once you have your prescription from the eye doctor you can order dirctly from them.  They have every style of glasses you can imagine and can handle everything from single vision to bifocals and prescription sun glasses!  Plus, they are really, really affordable.

I uploaded a picture of me without any glasses on and it let me "try on" different pairs so I could see how they fit my face.  I selected an artsy purple pair that has crystals all along the arms.  I figured what did I have to loose... can you believe, including shipping, WITH the anti-reflection coating that Shopko was charging $50 PER lens for - YIKES... my entire pair of glasses came to $22.90!!!!!  They also came with a great hard case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth!  They arrived in just a week and the prescription is perfect!

So for those of you that need glasses, but don't have hundreds of $$ to spend OR you have kids that are in glasses (I can't even imagine the cost of that)... or you just like to have multiple pairs to go with different outfits, I highly recommend Zenni Optical

**Note:  I'm sharing this because of my positive experience.  I am not an affiliate or being compensated in any way for sharing my opinion.**
 ***P.S.  That necklace I'm modeling is a Designs by Dawn Marie Original with a JulsBeads Focal, Available in my Etsy Store! ***


Regina said...

Wow, that's a great price, let me know how they hold up. I will certainly give it a try the next time I need glasses. I just spent, you do not want to know how much, on a pair of glasses and hopefully I am good for a couple of years.

Regina said...

I forgot to tell you, you look good! The price had me distracted.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...great looking glasses Dawn...of course the purple and sparkles would sell me right away!!!

Great price...I require glasses for anything close up so I will keep this in sun changes glasses every year due to wear & tare and I think his last pair were around $400.00...I'll pass the info along.
Thanks for sharing...


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