Friday, March 25, 2011

Facebook Friday - An FAQ for your business

If you're an artisan and selling online, then you absolutely should be utilizing a Facebook Fan Page Why?  Because people are busy... they aren't going to visit your Etsy or Artfire store everyday just to see what's new.  BUT if you have a fan page, and update it with great content, comments and new listings, it will catch the eye of your customer and lead them to click through to your store and buy. 

Furthermore, whether you have an Artfire store or Etsy shop, both have applications that will allow you to have your store on your Facebook Fan Page.  Again, making shopping easy for your customer and showcasing your work on a platform that so many people are on all day everyday. (I know, we should create a support group - FUA - Facebook Users Anonymous!)

But with all the changes Facebook has made recently, I wanted to share a few tips I've learned about that will help you navigate the new fan page.

1.  You can now navigate FB as your page, rather than just your personal page.  Translation:  When you're leaving comments on photos, or writing on people's walls, you can show up as your business.  This is great because when people then click your name to see "who" you are, they'll be taken to your fan page!

2.  FB Pages can "Like" other pages!  Another great feature when you are navigating FB as your business page.  Example:  Dawn Doucette can like your page, but so can Designs by Dawn Marie.  When Designs by Dawn Marie "Likes" your page, it'll show up on my page in the left column under Likes.  Then when new people visit my page, they can see who I like and also visit those businesses!

3.  You still have the ability to have your Artfire & Etsy stores as part of your business page.  It makes your facebook wall one stop shop! 

Tip:  Post a variety of things on your wall - REGULARLY.  The new Facebook pg. interacts with individuals on a frequency and popularity platform.  So if you are posting items that are getting comments and feedback regularly, your page will continue to be more prevalent in their news feed.

Pages that I pay attention to and interact on have 3 things:  A feed from their blog, updates on new listings on occasion (not 20 every single day) and sharing of other relavant articles, insights and websites that are of interest.  Whether that's local events written about in the paper, or another artisan's blog post that you find interesting.  If you find it interesting, I guarantee you that your fan base will also find it interesting.  So sprinkle this mix and you'll have tremendous success building your brand on Facebook.

Another Tip:  Share and Share alike!  People love to be featured... SECRET:  They are likely to reciprocate features once their artistic works have been showcased.  It happens more often than you think.  If you see something, a store or blog post you like, share it and make sure you Tag the person who's listing or posting it is.  This way they know you've shared their design.  It's a tremendous compliment when someone appreciates your work enough to share it with their fans!  So share & tag.  (If you don't know how to "Tag" someone, type the @ symbol and start typing their name or business name.  You'll see the person you're looking for in a drop down menu.)

If you'd like to share your blog or fan page, stop by my page and comment or post your URL.  While I don't tolerate spam, I welcome sharing a new blog or artisan with my fans!

Here's a few pages that I have a lot of fun following!  They've become great friends of mine and I know you'll love them too! 

Stacy Petersen:
Juli Cannon:
Meg Carter:

Hope this helps you get more comfortable with FB Fan Pages!  I'm always happy to help when.  I appreciate sharing and building the knowledge about marketing online together.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn! You are the best! :) You have some great tips here for sure!

slmpetersen said...

Thanks for the feature! You're always on top of it!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are pretty darn Awesome, with a capitol A, Miss Dawn! I am not a big fan of Facebook. I don't get there that much and it seems all a bit too much like a rat race for me. But you are making me rethink my position. Not sure if I could make it work, but I will consider it!
Enjoy the day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great post Dawn...I do have a Facebook page but I rarely ever use it or check are making me rethink what I'm doing!!!

Thanks for the tips and nudge!
Enjoy your day.


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