Saturday, March 19, 2011

What do you think of when I say Soft and Wispy?

If you said Ferns, then ding.ding.ding you win! I found a great pendant on a while back. It's a beautiful hand-painted pendant that features soft, wispy ferns in blues, greens and a touch of black for contrast! I saw it and immediately my mind started working on how I could use it in one of my designs.

Because the pendant is in itself so beautiful, I didn't want to make the necklace over powering. So I opted to string it on two strands of ribbon that pull out the green naturally of ferns and the black, to make this piece match any outfit.

I added a few silver beads to the ribbon to give it a bit of shimmer and really make the piece have a voice of it's own! I'll be taking this piece to an Open House tomorrow which will be the first time it is available to the public! Fern just might find a new home then! If not, I'll put her up in my Etsy Store early next week.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!


Meg Carter said...

What a coincidence Dawn! The engagement ring I am designing right now, is inspired by ferns! The bride loves ferns and plans on having a bouquet of them instead of flowers at her wedding. I am going to forward your link to her. :)

slmpetersen said...

Every time you post something like this you make me want one! I love the ribbon, how great is that effect with the ocean inspired pendant? Love it! Keep up the great work!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous really have a way of putting words together with your pieces!!!

Good luck at your open house!

Kristen said...

Oh Baby you gots skilz! I love this piece and you showcased it stunningly!



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