Monday, March 14, 2011

Yuppers, this made me cry!

Over the last several weeks, I embarked on a bead embroidery piece for a very dear friend.  Kathy has had me custom design several sets for her in the past, but this set of jewelry was to be over the top - supremely special - the belle of the ball... get my drift! 

Kathy is attending a very special charity dinner where the attendees are all very well known people.  I had blogged about it here if you're new to "Dawn's World."  No worries I'll give you a moment to learn about what the charity is.

Having so many ideas racing through my mind, and wanting to deliver on Kathy's desire to have an awesome necklace that features that "IT pink" that has been named most popular for this spring, I played with a few different color pallets. 

After much deliberation (you should have heard the voices in my head.) and on more than one occasion at 3:15 a.m.,  brilliant ideas shot me straight out of bed.  Finally, I opted to go with a WOW pink and multiple shades of pewter!  In my opinion black was going to be too big of a contrast, and would try to over power the pink.  So I chose different colors, finishes and textures of pewter & grey and prepared the piece of Kathy's dreams.

What struck me as I was working on this necklace was my inner peace.  I started with a blank slate (I drew nothing out on paper) and just beaded as my heart desired.  The colors just flowed into each other like the blending of frosting and food coloring.  When it was finished, I stepped back and looked at the piece through new eyes.  This was the most striking necklace I have ever made.  I love big bling, so designing with Swarovski montees and crystals were something out of a dream.  Kathy had given me instructions to do whatever my heart and the beads want to do... so I did.

For me, this necklace symbolized a milestone.  It was a much bigger stretch than I've ever allowed myself to reach for.  But the reward in seeing my very own heart & soul laid out in beads for Kathy to wear was amazing.  I feel like this was my caterpillar moment!  I've come out of my little chrysalis and become a bright, colorful, graceful butterfly! 

I'm working on a few more pieces as we speak, and have a great open house planned for this Sunday with another very dear friend, Elaine.  Also, I've had an offer to debut my bead embroidery jewelry at an evening gala at a local boutique.  So that's in the works for the end of April.  In the meantime, I will continue to learn, grow and discover a creative ME that I never knew was in there just 10 years ago!  Seriously, I thought I'd major in accounting... what was I thinking?

Let your dreams take flight... the scenery will be beautiful and you just don't know where you'll land! 


cjvierow said...

This is fabulous! Great choice of colors--makes me think "nice, but I can be naughty" :-) --your friend will be envied by all. CJ

Bellesanbeaus said...

WOW what a truely piece of art! No words can express the inner and outer beauty of this piece. Simply gorgeous dear!

Pat Haight said...

Your work is gorgeous! I just recently have been trying to learn some different beading stitches like bead crochet and the peyote stitch and I have a HUGE new found respect for those whose who make beautiful things with the tiny devil beads;~) Beautiful necklace, she will be thrilled!

Meg Carter said...

Dawn!!!! I am so happy for you. This piece is beautiful! that is an understatement as you know. I know exactly what you mean when you say that it is a milestone piece. Don't you just love that feeling when you are done with a piece and you look at it and think you have just stepped up another rung on the latter and will never go back? I love that feeling...nothing like it. Congrats girl!!!


marsspyder said...

Absolutely stunning!!! Really and truly absolutely stunning!

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