Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oops, I missed Monday

Sorry about that!  Somewhere in space is floating my Monday and I'm not sure how it got away!  But Monday's aren't very fun anyway so Tuesday here we come! :o)  Thanks so much for all the well wishes for the Open House I had last weekend.  It was a wonderful turnout and people didn't let the snow keep them away.

Also over the weekend, I was given the Awesome Blog award from two of my dear blog friends, Meg Carter - Made By Meg Sea Glass Jewelry and Erin Grant - Erin's Jewelry Creations.  Thank you both SO very much.  It really touches me to know you love reading my blog.

So here's the deal.  With this award I need to share with you 7 things about myself and then share the award with other bloggers that I think are most awesome!  How awesome is that?

1.  I listen to Celtic music year round - ♥ Celtic Woman!
2.  My dogs are my children - and that's all I ever want.
3.  I am really, really appreciative when my fiance spontaneously does things (like dishes) to help me around the house.  ♥
4.  I love to cook (and eat) and think sharing a meal with those you love is one of the most important memories you can make.  See #8.
5.  Bliss is reading a sappy romance novel while soaking in my clawfoot bathtub.
6.  I hug EVERYONE - even people I've just met once before.
7.  I cherish my little brother who's overcome so much in the last 7 years and has the biggest smile to show for it!  I ♥ you Greg!
8.  Oops, I couldn't stop at 7 (sorry).  I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful family and inlaws.  We really love & support each other!  Growing up, we always had an open door to anybody that needed a little family love.

Here are some AWESOME blogs that I follow and just love.  They'll have you laughing, thinking and appreciating the beauty around you!  Love these gals & I know you will too!

Juli Cannon - Juls Beads:  http://julsbeads.blogspot.com
Stacy Petersen - SLM Petersen:  http://slmpetersen.blogspot.com
Heather Cote- Azure Islands Designs:  http://AzureIslandsDesigns.blogspot.com
Erin Prais-Hintz - Treasures Found:  http://treasures-found.blogspot.com
Lisa Crone - A Bead A Day:  http://abeadaday.blogspot.com
Vanessa Edil - Butterfly Fondant Cakes & Desserts:  http://cakesbutterfly.blogspot.com

Hope you take a moment to hop on over to these other awesome blogs and say 'Hi!'  You'll enjoy your virtual visit, I promise! ;)

  Just released in January!


slmpetersen said...

This will make the perfect post for Thursday...Thanks!

Julianna Cannon said...

Well thank you, sistah! I think YOU are pretty damn awesome so it's no surprise that yo' blog is.

I'm a total hugger too~ even when I first meet someone. I can tell ya it takes some people by surprise if their "OH" followed by eyes as big as saucers is any indication.

Loveness. <3


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