Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peeping in my windows

With so many great creative minds out there, I often see their photos from BTW (Bead Table Wednesday.)  And my response has always been "There's no WAY anybody's seeing my workspace."  It's to messy, disorganized, cluttered, full of creativity  and so personal to the way I work that I've kept it under lock & key.  Until today!

I think all these blogs I follow are helping me to continue breaking out of my comfort zone.  So today... like you've never seen it before (because you haven't) here's my bead table. 

YIKES!  Now I'm going back to hibernate in my corner... with the shades drawn.  That was frightening!

Hope your day is superb!


coolmoon said...

LOL, Dawn. If you've looked through some of the BTW blogs (I just joined today too!), or even looked at The Messy Beaders Club blogs and photos, I think you'll find that yours isn't so frightening as you might think. Some of them I wonder how they FIND anything - yet they seem to know right where everything is. I'm much more organized now that my studio is at home - because I don't like guests seeing my mess (I'm in a corner of the dining room). Looking forward to next weeks BTW!

Julianna Cannon said...




Love ya! mean it!

SpookyJulz said...

I haven't seen the other BTW blogs. I'm sure that there are way worse ones out there than yours. I'm going to check it out now!!

CinLynn Boutique said...

I hope you don't mind if I add my two cents.....but you have one organized bead table!!! I've never shown anyone mine because you would wonder how I can find anything! It's disastrous! I only wish mine was so neat!

TesoriTrovati said...

You? Are one funny girl!
You have NOT seen the worst of my bead table, that is for sure. It has been weeks - WEEKS, I tell you! - since I actually worked at the table. And now I have to clear it all off and switch to a different table. It will be utter upheaval! Thanks for sharing. See? It wasn't that bad!
Enjoy the day, Dawn!

Davinia said...

My goodness Dawn. That's the neatest cleanest table ever. I can't even see the surface of my table at the moment (actually I haven't seen it's surface for quite a few months, must do something about that).

slmpetersen said...

Don't think that is at all messy...and what is that I spy in the upper part of the photo? Yes, yes I do believe it is the Beader's Clutch I created in my often MESSY studio!

Lisa said...

You think that is a messy bead table, you must've cleaned it up before the photo then. You want to see a mess then hop over to my blog, now that's a mess!!


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