Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes, I believe I do need sleep!

I'm not a morning person... not on a Wednesday, or a Friday, but really not.so.much on a MONDAY!  That's almost like the good lord sticking his tongue out at me... but not quite.  BUT I'd do anything for my mama... so yesterday morning found me lumbering down the stairs for an extra strong coffee way before the sun came up.  I needed to buzz over to mama's house to puppy sit as she had to go into the hospital for a heart procedure.  So, fuzzy purple pajamas, slippers and a change of clothes for AFTER the sun has risen and I had arrived at my childhood home.  But then I drank a bazillion cups of coffee... which led to no nap in the afternoon - aw shucky darn - so last night about 6:30, the wall became increasingly closer. 

By nine, I was toast!

But good news for mama, the procedure she's undergoing seems to be working.  Sending up love & prayers that it continues to improve and she's feeling like herself by Wednesday.  The heart is such a tricky organ.  Trust me when I say never, ever take your heart for granted... and never ignore warning signs of "not feeling quite right." 

In other updates, we had a fun open house on Sunday despite the weather not cooperating.  It was pouring rain... not just a drizzle, but seriously dumping 5 gallon drums at the exact moment you got out of your car to walk into the house. 

But here's the crowning moment of the weekend...

I had the most amazing experience on my way to the open house Sunday.  I had been feeling punky... for many reasons.  So I figured what the heck, pick up a super.duper.LARGE.mocha.loaded.with.sugar.and.caffeine on my way out to the open house and at least I can fake it that I have a boatload of energy going on.  I ordered one for my and a custom drink for my friend Elaine who was hosting the open house.  

I ordered, and pulled forward eventually getting to the window for my drinks.  The barrista (who looked like a young fabio... beautiful hair, dark and curly, a little long - I swear right out of the Mediterranean) said it me "It's your Lucky Day!"  My quizzical look prompted him to continue.  "The woman in the car in front of you wanted to buy one of your drinks.  So you only owe me $2.06 today."

My response, "Really?  Who was she?  Do I know her?" "Nope, she didn't know you, just wanted to treat you today."
"Oh my, Thank you so much.  I really needed this today."  

After pulling away from the window, I pulled over and broke out in tears.  While I've given many of cups of coffee as a Pay it Forward over the years, or bought a drink for another table at the restaurant, I've never been on the receiving end.  This experience simply melted me.  How the kindness of a complete stranger 100% flipped my day around.  I was so grateful, humbled, inspired and amazed.  Seriously, I had no idea how it felt... and now having experienced it myself will do this again, and again.  It was simply amazing.

So that's my weekend wrap up.  I'll be adding a few new pieces to my Etsy store today, keeping mama in line at the hospital, making sure my papa is behaving himself at home and then working on a few custom orders that I really need to finish. 

Sending you love this morning!  If I could buy you all a cuppa java this morning I would!  'Cuz if you're still reading, I really appreciate it!


Meg Carter said...

Tears in my eyes, but still a smile on my face. :) you are the best Dawn. Great post... thoughts are with your Mom.


moonlitfantaseas said...

I've heard of people doing that but have never been on the recieving end either.....what a great day brightener!Hope your momma is as good as new real soon! Take care of her, moms are pretty special!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thank you both! Update: Just talked with my mom and the medication has indeed worked. She has another 24 hours of observation and should be home for sure tomorrow!

Thanks so much for the thoughts and love! I really appreciate it!

Azure Islands Designs said...

So, so, so, happy to hear your Mama's medication is working!!!!!!!
Mama's are very special people...

Paying forward is such a nice thing to do...I've done it myself and been on the receiving end once...I have to say being on the receiving end is simply wonderful!!! It restores my faith in people that sometimes wanes, I've been told I expect too much...I always say I expect what I would give, how can that be too much!

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

That is just so sweet!

Kristen said...

So sorry it took me so long to get to your posts but I haven't been able to get to the hive in a while and now I see I missed sending you and Mom huge hugs and healthy thoughts! I think it was your day to be WOWed and that person certianly did just that! You are the best and deserve so many wonderful things!

Hugs and Love!!!!!


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