Thursday, November 10, 2011

Because I Love You I am Sharing this Book Giveaway with YOU

BUT I really, really want to win, so if you don't get a chance to check it out, I'll forgive you. tee hee hee

Over on Lori Anderson's blog, Pretty Things, there's a great giveaway for not one but TWO great books!  She was asked to review both books for Potter Craft and now she's generously giving away the books.  I'm not sure if she's drooled all over them or not, because I sure would have!  BUT if you're interested and want to win (which you don't because I really, really want to) check out her blog!
Great for Upcycled Crafting

And if you aren't a follower of Lori's blog... become one.  She's full of spunk, humor, pie (as in the food, not the mathematical calculation without the 'e' kind) and sincerity.  She's also a really great jewelry designer that thinks outside of the box.  SO check her out and let her know I sent you her way! K?
Taken this morning on her 12th birthday

As a P.S. to this blog post, today is my Brandi's 12th birthday!!  We woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning, so she's THRILLED!  That crazy dog LOVES snow.  I know, I said she was crazy.  I adopted Brandi from the English Springer Rescue of America (ESRA) many moons ago and she has been the perfect dog for me.  Even when she shredded a box of kleenex because she wanted it to snow INSIDE... yes I told you she loves snow!

So happy birthday to my wonderful, loyal and loving Springer Spaniel!  I am so lucky you picked me! 
Brandi looking beautiful in 2005! 


scottsgal said...

Happy Birthday to your pretty girl, Brandi! My 10 year old ESRA girl Kristy has gray eye brows now - we call her our Walter Matthau girl. Yes I've also had kleenex, toilet paper, shredded garbage parties to pick up - the best was when she stole the roast off the counter - Gotta love those springers.


Regina said...

She is beautiful, Happy Birthday to Bandi!


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