Monday, November 14, 2011

Reveal - Things I Learned from the Sherry Serafini Bead Embroidery Class I took

I'm still overflowing with creative juices from the class I took with Sherry Serafini a few weekends back now.  What was so very cool for me was to broaden how I "picture" designs.  In other words, seeing pieces in a different way from beginning to end than what my brain had previously seen. 

Here's a picture of my finished pendant - I used Sherry's pattern and supply list, but I put the supplies/components together myself.  So the color palette for this one is designed in true "Dawn Colors." ☺

One really HUGE "ah ha" moment for me was to break things down into individual components.  So I created this "component" and not sure what to do with it, it could be a part of something bigger like a bracelet, collar or pair of earrings.  Who knows just where that one piece of the puzzle fits into play!

Balance - not just in a "weighted balance" terminology.  But color balance.  This was also HUGE for me.  Because I don't naturally "see things" asymmetrically, hearing about balancing color rather than size or quantity was incredible. 

Swarovski Lochrosen - aka sequins - are my new favorite Swarovski component.  You see them embellishing the top cab and the second component.  I LOVE how they add sparkle (which is hard to see in my photo because I haven't had a good sunny day to capture a true picture of this piece).  Yet they are a "low profile" sparkle.  They just kind of sit there like "Look at me, I'm pretty!"  Will definitely be adding more of these to my working stash.

Stitch in the Ditch!!!  My mom taught me years ago when she was teaching me to sew and then as we were creating quilts to Stitch in the Ditch.  I hadn't heard this term in over 2 decades!  LOL  But when Sherry described the embellisments we were adding to the top and middle component, she said stitch in the ditch!  And I knew exactly what she was talking about!  What a fun trip down memory lane!

So those were a few of my "Ah Ha" moments in this great bead embroidery class.  Sherry was a great teacher, so real and awesome at explaining and answering questions.  I love my pendant.  Because of the tremendous amount of Swarovski on the pendant, I wanted to keep the necklace simple so the pendant could really "Shine" as the star of the show.  I beaded it on some memory wire and viola!  I love it!  And I wore it to a local craft fair this weekend and got tons of compliments.  Even other jewelry people that are non-seed bead style designers, were amazed at the detail! 

Hope your week is creative, fun and full of greatness!

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TesoriTrovati said...

Good lessons, Dawn! The true test of a good asymmetrical design in my opinion is if it is balanced. I have little tricks that I employ to balance asymmetry in my designs. So cool that you had that aha moment!
Enjoy the day!

Saturday Sequins said...


What a beautiful piece! I love the colors, too. *Drools.*

Swarovski sequins. I think I might have to internet-hug you for bringing them to my attention. I've only ever used regular sequins in my work! Which are wonderful... but I'm a Swarovski-holic. :)


-- Sarah

Therese's Treasures said...

Now that I have wiped all of the drool off of my keyboard I can comment without getting my fingers wet! I love, love, love your piece it is sooo beautiful, Dawn. I know you must still be walking on cloud nine after your class with Sherry.

Beadwright said...

I see the growth already. Love it Dawn.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wow...that is gorgeous Dawn. Your talent is never ending!!!


Perlenzauberin said...

Wonderful Design!!!


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