Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great Interview about Social Media Marketing with Kathy Stover

Good morning!  I know how odd is it that I'm doing a blog post on a Sunday... BUT what I want to share with you is that good, that you'll want to kiss me for sharing!

This week, I listened to a great interview about social media marketing.  Suzy Manning, founder of Sizzzl interviewed me a while back for her blogtalk radio program about following your passion and what that can translate to in business.

On her live show this week, she interviewed well know social media expert and entrepreneur Kathy Stover.  Kathy is one of my greatest mentors in the world of social media marketing.  She's on top of everything new in the world of online marketing... and works with several high profile clients planning their social media marketing plan and creating their entire online presence.

Listen to internet radio with SuzyManning on Blog Talk Radio
In this interview she's sharing with you some very helpful tips about social media marketing that I think you'll find really helpful in growing your business online.  (If you can't see the media player above, click here to visit the website to listen to the recording.)

Hope your week is full of creativity, love and family.  With it being a holiday we'll be gathering around a big feast with family.  I've been "told" by my 3-yr old niece that she's going to bring her "jewelry book" and we're going to make jewelry on Thanksgiving.  I'm still laughing... I may not have birthed her, but she's a chip off the Auntie block!  LOL


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