Friday, November 18, 2011

What have I been working on - it's a SURPRISE!

And if I showed you now, A. it wouldn't be finished, and B. Erin Prais-Hintz writer of Treasures Found blog would probably come right to my house, string me up by my toenails and dress me in orange!  Not that there's anything wrong with orange... after all "Orange" season starts this weekend (aka the opening of hunting season.) 

SO even though I can't SHOW you what I'm doing, I can tell you... 

Erin has organized her 2nd annual color challenge.  She collaborated with Jessica of Design Seeds out of Madison, WI and has given each participant their very own color palette to design with.  We chose our main color and the rest was a surprise.  (Side Note:  If you go to Design Seeds website, you can sign up for their daily e-mail of new color palettes.  I did and I LOVE getting that e-mail in the morning!)

I told Erin, surprise me - and boy did she ever!  I told her I had stash in everything except red, orange or yellow.  Beyond that I was open to the challenge.... and can I say, I LOVE my color palette!  I would never have put all 5 of these colors together, but seeing them on paper... then creating with them, it has been helping me venture into a whole new area of creativity. 

So not only am I playing with fun colors (and I'll spill just a hint, my main color is brown... but that's all I'm sayin!)  I'm also designing something that I've NEVER made before!!!  Yes I'm challenging myself beyond what I've ever done and I feel so liberated!  Okay, I can hear Erin, I think she's on my shoulder saying, "Dawn, enough... don't say any more.  It's supposed to be a surprise."  I know, I know... I'm just excited at where this journey is taking me!

Enough babble!  I'm off to bead!

Have a beadiful day!


Beadwright said...

OOhhh I love orange!!! I love working with it. Combine orange with lavender and greens. It can be amazing. I look forward to seeing what you make

TesoriTrovati said...

You are really too funny! I might not string you up by your toenails but one of these days I want to take you out for coffee or margaritas or whatever your drink of choice is! I can't wait to see what you made. Your enthusiasm is infectious. And just so you know, I have been working on my own brown challenge. I am trying to create components and it is challenging me!
Enjoy the day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Sounds like fun...I it will be interesting to see your challenge!

Enjoy the weekend...

Kristen said...

Nanny Nanny Nanny I got a peek and you are all in for OMG drooling Gorgeousness!!!!!!!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

You ladies are all the best! Thanks for your comments.

Nicole - lavender, orange and green???? My brain would never have thought about that combo.

Erin - we totally need to get together. It's very rare that such good blog friends could actually have a face-to-face! Let's plan it girlfriend!

Heather - It has been so much fun. Sometimes we just need someone else to tell us what to do to break out of a plateau! LOL

Kristen - You should see it now baby!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday with your families this week!


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