Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking YOU on a Vacation with this Beaded Brooch

Yes, as Matt Lauer is taking us all around the world on the Today Show, playing Where in the World is Matt Lauer, I created a piece that is definitely inspired by somewhere other than the land of brats and cheese.  LOL

I created this beaded brooch at the beginning of last week.  I have no idea where the inspiration came from, but I love the tropical yet native feel.  I purchased a set of 4 of these clay "bricks" because they were pretty.  I had no idea what I would make, but they just looked like little treasures. 

So after making the Hope beaded brooch as a custom order, I had brooches on the brain.  I saw these beads again and thought "Ah ha!" Because of all the colors in one bead, creating a brooch would be perfect!

I'll be putting this brooch in my online store tomorrow.  If you would like it for yourself or to give as a gift for X-mas to someone special, I'll give you first dibs.  For my blog followers, the beaded brooch is $40.  E-mail me at dawn {AT} designsbydawnmarie {DOT} com and we can chat! 

Hope you feel the inspiration I felt creating this piece.  It's a real color play for the eyes!  As it's raining hammer, nails & pitchforks here for the second day in a row, I'll just look at all the pretty colors in this beaded brooch and pretend I'm on a beach in the Carribbean!  Bring on the umbrella drinks!



Courtney said...

What a stunning piece! Your work is amazing and you must be a very, very patient person. :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful Dawn...makes me think tropical as well! It is raining here as well so I'm going to get a blanket and a drink and sit down and read...or nap and dream of some place sunny and warm? Who knows...
Have a great day.

Beadwright said...

This is a very "day of the dead" piece. The colors the structure and ohhh my Nicole's BeadBacking. Looks fabulous.


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