Monday, October 18, 2010

I Think my Super Powers took a Vacation

At least I found that out when I tried to walk through a wall this morning and the wall didn't move... I'd show you a picture of the toe as proof, but I'll spare you the gross details.  The Reader's Digest Version is that I'm pretty sure this little piggy is broken, I'm limping along like a bad hair day and I have no appetite (so you know we must be experiencing a blue moon.)

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But I do have a really touching message to share with you.  Yesterday I went with my fiance's family to visit Valley of the Kings which is an animal sanctuary for exotic animals in Sharon, WI.  What moved me so much is that all of the animals that live there now all have a story of rough beginnings.  I love animals of all shapes and sizes, but I tell you, even I know that a cute little lion cub will grow up to be a full fledged lion and is not going to fit comfortable in my home as a house pet... but some people don't make such educated decisions.

Valley of the Kings operates on donations alone.  They only open for tours for members only and limiting visitation to Sat. & Sundays.  It's not a zoo and they aren't "showy" with the animals, some of them came from circuses.  When they could no longer perform, the circus was going to put the lions and tigers down.  V.O.T.K. does everything in their power to not let that happen.  It provides a safe shelter for those abused, neglected or aging exotic animals until their quality of life is no longer good.

They have dozens of lions and tigers - including the tiger that was the mascot on mobile cards - you might remember the saying "Put a tiger in your tank..." yup, he's 23 now and living a very comfortable life in his indoor/outdoor pen.

I was so touched by all the animals and their stories.  But even more moved by all of the volunteers that make VOTK possible.  From high school students to adults and even aging adults everybody commits so much time and love to helping these animals have a wonderful "new beginning."

With as much time as everyone puts in, that doesn't leave time to do "marketing" or "advertising" so I wanted to do my part - small or large as it reaches - to introduce you to this amazing organization and encourage you to visit their website and offer a donation if you can.

I was emotionally moved by several of the animals, but the most amazing story is about a blind horse.  This horse was actually brought to the sanctuary to be euthanized and used as food for the tigers and lions.  However, other than not being able to see, she was in beautiful shape.  The volunteer vet on staff, saw the problems her "non-working" eyes were causing with infection and matter and opted to remove them.  Since the surgery, she has blossomed into the most loving creature.  She has 2 donkeys that share an indoor/outdoor pen with her and they guide her in and out of the barn so she has no problems negotiating the doorway or the gates.  She runs a full force and is absolutely beautiful.  I look forward to visiting again and help to support their amazing mission. 

This visit and feeling the spirit and the energy these animals exude just filled me with gratitude.  You can feel how greatful they are to have such a loving home now.  You can see how they play together now in each of their various enclosures and you know they haven't always been so fortunate.  It was a visit that I'll never forget and look forward to returning to lend a helping hand soon.


Kristen said...

First I am so sorry that you were sending me hugs when I should have sent you some so here they come (but watch out as I haven't got really good aim yet)

Second I would love to visit and see all of them! I will go to the site and see what I can do!


Julianna Cannon said...

SP, you are truly a loving, kind and compassionate soul. I feel so blessed to know you. Thank you for sharing the stories of God's furkids. As soon as I get a little more caught up I will definitely be sending a gift to VOTR in your honor.


Courtney said...

Wonderful story, thank you. Sorry about your toe, hope it gets better.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks all for taking the time to read and comment on this post. I just love the mission of Valley of the Kings. My ship will come in someday and I'll overflow the golden coins until the big cats talk! But in the mean time, if everybody that can do just something little, we'll all add up to something big! And That's Awesome!



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