Monday, October 11, 2010

Open House Photos

Hey all,
Just a quick post for the afternoon... here's photos from my open house last week.  It was delightful, the hostess had decorated her home so festively for Halloween.  From the pumpkins on the front stoop, to spiderwebs on the grand piano, and garland over the fireplace, it made for a very fun party.
Here's the gift I made for the hostess...
Silly me, I got so busy chatting and meeting new people, I didn't get a picture of the hostesses together.  But I think you'll get the warm and fuzzies from seeing these pictures.  Thanks again for keeping your eyes on my blog to see what's new in Dawn's world.  I really appreciate your friendship!



For My Sweet Daughter said...

Very nice setup and I love the hostess gift. I have another question, do you box the items people buy at your open house or a gift bag or nothing? I am still deciding what I should bring with me.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Hi Shannon,
It depends on each person. Often at the open house, people are buying for themselves and it's 50/50 toss up. Sometimes they just put it on and wear it home, other times I package it in tissue and an organza bag. I try to keep it really simple. With the holidays coming up, I'm anticipating at my November & December OH to expect more items to be for a gift, and I'll have gift boxes on hand for that.

Thanks so much for asking! I hope your hubby is doing alright after his accident earlier!


Kristen said...

How sweet are you ! I want to be a hostess too! I would make the house pretty for you after such a long drive! What do you think?


Regina said...

You have been busy, it all looks very nice. You package will be mailed to you tomorrow (tuesday), I am sorry about the delay in getting it to you. Hope you love it! Have a great week.

Davinia said...

Dawn you set up looks wonderful and I hope it was a successful day for you. Gorgeous hostess gift too.

slmpetersen said...

Love the set up! You do such beautiful work. That bracelet is just so cute!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

LOL - @Kristen, that would be a long drive... the end result would be worth it, I know! :)

Thanks @Regina - I wasn't worried. :) I'm glad you've been busy and hope it continues straight through the holiday for you.

Thanks @Davinia! It was a great experience and I've gotten some wonderful post open house orders from people that didn't get a chance to shop during the open house because they were busy socializing. LOL So all is ending up very well.

Thank you so very much Stacy! I really love how that bracelet turned out too! XOXO

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great set up Dawn...showcases your designs perfectly!!!

The hostess gift is lovely...but then I do like the coppery earth tones!

Sounds as though you not only had a wonderful time but have found a niche for yourself...couldn't ask for more!
Have a wonderful day...


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