Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awareness Jewelry - Having a message and sharing it beautifully

Some of the most special pieces of custom made jewelry I've been able to design are awareness pieces.  Not only are the designs special because they are OOAK, but the message the recipient is sharing by wearing such a piece proudly is even more profound.

While awareness jewelry isn't something I keep in my store at all times, when I have the opportunity to create something special, it makes me so very happy.  Here's a few of the designs I've created recently as custom orders for different awareness messages.
Diabetes Awareness - Symbolized as a Grey Ribbon
Breast Cancer Awareness Brooch
Domestic Violence Awareness - A Purple Ribbon
If you are looking for a really special gift for someone, maybe you're now considering a piece of custom beaded jewelry with their symbolic awareness ribbon.  I'd be happy to help if you are thinking about it.  Drop me an e-mail and we'll create something beautiful together!


Beadwright said...

Hi Dawn. I love these pieces. Of course the Breast Cancer Awareness is very dear to me. My sister fought and then lost her battle with cancer after a 7 year fight. She passed Dec. 26, 2009. I can hardly believe it has been two years. So for my sister and all the other sisters, and mothers, and don't forget the brothers out there. Do what you can to fight it.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great pieces for great causes...if we all play a small part we can achieve much!!!


JBeaudetStudios said...

Your brooch is beautiful!Jennifer:)

LissC said...

love your breast cancer brooch..beautiful!


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