Monday, October 31, 2011

The Only Time You'll see my BUTT plastered all over the Internet - No worries its G-Rated

What a fun weekend!  Seriously, lots of laughs and running around without pants on.  Oops, did I just type that... well maybe I better do a little rewind so you don't think I'm some freaky teaky joining a nudist colony going into winter.

Once upon a time (on Saturday) I had a friend Carol that was having an open house.  The open house was a blast.  Carol is an exceptional hostess and does all the right things ahead of time to market and ensure a great event.  Hostess with the mostess...

This time, in addition to asking me to share my Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry, Carol displayed and demonstrated her Miche Bag purse system.  Love the Miche Bag and love how Carol shares the product without EVER being pushy or "salesy."  She's an awesome relationship builder which makes her parties even more fun. 

I saw lots of faces that I knew from other parties Carol has hosted.  It was so sweet to hear people say they came just to see what new jewelry designs I had created.  I was able to share my bead embroidery jewelry with Carol's friends which hadn't seen this style of my jewelry in the past.  I got lots of "OMG, you MADE that!!  How do you have the patience?" 

We also had Art, from Purple Creek come.  He purchases gold & silver (and at a mighty fine price.)  Purple Creek pays out better than any local jewelry stores and WAY better than the Cash 4 Gold commercials you see.  Plus their reps test the gold & silver right in front of you so you see exactly what your pieces are and you get paid right there on the spot.  GREAT home party if you're looking for a win/win.  You and your guests all walk away with more $$ than you came in with. Cool - YES, very!

BUT... the something different about this event was so much fun I plastered a picture of my butt on Facebook!  SERIOUSLY... and I've NEVER done that before!  

Giving SparkleButt a Whole New Meaning!
Carol had invited a woman that demonstrates Vault Denim.  I had never heard of Vault Denim before and all Carol knew was that she brings in blue jeans in all sorts of sizes and you purchase them right there.  I tried to go online to see what the jeans look like ahead of time, but their website doesn't show their jeans.  That's because their inventory is always changing.  They get designer jeans that are factory overstocks and sell them for 1/2 of what you'd pay in the store for designer jeans.  Okay... I'd never pay for designer jeans in the store, so I went in with an open mind. 

I walked into Carol's living room and squeeled like a little girl.  SERIOUSLY... as I looked at all the jeans that the woman was setting up (because I was there early to set up my jewelry too) I was seeing crystals and rhinestones all around the room.  OMG I was in BLING heaven!  Were the jeans ever cute and the denim was a good quality denim. 

So I dropped my drawers and started trying on... okay I didn't do it in the living room, I went to a bedroom first.  I tried on 14 pairs of jeans (and I really, really, REALLY dislike trying on blue jeans because they NEVER fit right.)  Yes, I tried on at least 14 pairs and finally narrowed the lot down to 6 - did you hear me?  I found 6 pairs that I liked and that looked good on me.   Again, that NEVER happens!  I'm pretty sure the angels in heaven were all singing Hallelujah because I was having a BLAST and kept looking at my butt in the mirror.

We were laughing and having such a great time that I had to spread the word to answer the question so many people that were invited to the party had:  What type of jeans does Vault Denim have.  A:  Super cute well cut jeans that have spandex so they fit comfortably, wear just right (and hold their shape!)  That way people knew what to expect that were pondering coming to the open house or not.  If they like cute jeans, they were there!

So alas, my butt in some blingy hot blue jeans ended up on Facebook and we had a great turnout at the party.  Seriously, I don't know where all Vault Denim currently has distributors, but if they are in your area, this is a GREAT idea for a girls night out party.  You will have a blast!  If you're in my area (SE WI or northern IL) I've got a great woman to connect you with.  She was really helpful with fitting and finding those pairs that were "perfect" for your personality.

For the record, I did narrow down the 6 pairs to just my favorite.  AND They got the stamp of approval from Chris when I wore them home... and the rest is all history! ;)

Hope your week is fantastic!

P.S. This party was just what my creative heart needed with so many life "issues" going on for the past several weeks.  I'm headed to the studio to create some new pieces and I can't wait to share with you exactly what comes of it! YEAH!

To start your Christmas shopping, visit for a special section of the online store just for Christmas Gifts.  Dawn Doucette is an artisan that creates OOAK custom beaded jewelry blending her unique style with the personality of the recipient to make something truly special.


Julianna Cannon said...



What a fab party~ sounds like everyone had a blast. :)

TesoriTrovati said...

That is going to be your new handle, right? "Sparklebutt". Love it! I think that you are so adorable and those jeans are great! I never have luck with jeans and I can't wear a size that is so cute. If I had a booty like yours I would be for sure plastering it all over the internet! ;-)

Enjoy the day, Miss Dawn!

Beadwright said...

I like blingbutt better. LOL
Glad you had such a good time

LissC said...

What a fun post to read. Love your jeans! And I love bling too so I probably would have squealed also!

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