Friday, October 7, 2011

Facebook Friday - All those changes!

It's Friday and I felt a good time to do a Facebook Friday again.  This is the part of the post where I'm supposed to say something WOW and amazing about Facebook or teach you something fun and exciting.  However, with all the freakin' changes... I've pulled nearly all my hair out and the only 3 strands I have left are grey!  Seriously!

Okay, so what are those changes (or as many of us are saying, what hasn't changed) in the last 2 weeks.  And you're right... darn tootin' everything has changed.

Newsfeed - Facebook is now telling us what they think we want to see and read.  REALLY?  I've always been about honesty.... just lay it out there like it is and I'll pick what I want to read.  We can no longer sort by type of updates (like I used to sort by status updates, then check out the uploaded photos and if I had a boatload of time, then I'd look at links people posted.)  Yep, no more... you're being spoonfed whether you like it or not.  I'm still on the NOT wagon personally.

Pages - So much!  Really... and there's more changes coming.  Tagging, you can only "tag" someone in a status update (typing the @ symbol then their name) if they are a fan of your page.  Also, you can "tag" someone in comments on both pages and your personal profile.  People are still setting up personal pages for their businesses (doh!).  At the end of this month, FB is taking away the REVIEWS tab from all business pages.  As of yesterday, FB also added "Number of People Talking about This" just below your Liker count.  Which is nice, but really there's no way at this point of seeing who's talking about this... or be able to comment on posts about your business.  Too many programming geeks, not enough teachers. 

Photos - FB is only showing a snippet of the photo in the newsfeed if you upload more than one photo at a time.  You have to click on the photo to see the whole picture.  It's also a different layout on your wall.  It'll also take getting used to. 

Subscriber Feed - people can now subscribe to your feed to be alerted to everything you post without you having to accept their friend request.  So if you're in the witness protection program, this totally spoils your whole FB experience.  Really though, If I wanted somebody to read my everything about me, they'd be my friend. 

Who's sharing?  When people share something that you posted on your wall, it now will show how many "shares" this item has had.  You can also see WHO shared it and be able to comment or thank them.  Great for relationship building!  This is a great addition!

Many settings can be adjusted by editing your privacy options in your Account.  It's too much to list here, but you can check it out. 

On a side note, tomorrow Lorelei Eurto and Shannon (I only wish I could pronounce your last name because in my mind it's sounding like chocolate - seriously) Chomanczuk will be hosting a blog hop revealing great works from jewelry designers all over Blogland.  They put a great kit together with and the challenge was to design something (or multiple somethings) with the kit.  SO, mark you calendar so you can stop back here!!!  I can't wait to show you what I created!

TGIF all!  If you have comments on the recent FB changes, please feel free to share them.  We're all learning as we go and helpful tips are appreciate by all those still scratching their heads.  

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Millie @ ammjewelry said...

I'm too old for all these FB changes and not happy about it. See ya at the Hop...yay!


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