Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creating Heirloom Jewelry for a Special Lady at Just the Right Time

One of the warmest, fuzziest feelings for me is when I can make somebody's day.  Whether it's surprising them with a handwritten card out of the blue, buying them a coffee or designing a piece of jewelry that perfectly matches their personality.

Key to Her Heart - Bead Embroidered Art Jewelry
For the second present from my birthday giveaway the lucky winner was Gen Voss, The Diversified Crafter.  After Bella chose Gen as the winner, I set out to get to know Gen's personality and discussed with her what colors and styles she likes. 

What I learned about Gen is that she's all heart.  This woman maintains a positive attitude, is constantly supportive of her online and offline family AND she's a wonderful mother, grandmother and GREATgrandmother.  Now that's some big shoes to fill Gen!

I wanted to make a special piece for Gen that she would be able to pass down to her daughter or granddaughter someday.  What I designed is a work of bead embroidery art!  I call it "Key to Her Heart."  When I e-mailed Gen the photos, she e-mailed back in tears because this came at just the perfect moment for her.  Gen needed a pick me up on a particularly difficult day and I'm so glad this necklace was the perfect solution.

Bead Embroidery as a style of design just resonates with me.  I just love how each bead has it's own voice and how they all play together to create texture, color and send a message.  The voice behind Gen's necklace said it was a vintage romantic at heart and indeed it was.

Hope your day is filled with beautiful things!

Dawn Doucette is a jewelry artist based out of her studio in Wisconsin.  You can learn more about Dawn on her website:  As an artist, Dawn specializes in creating custom beaded jewelry that perfectly mirrors the recipients personality.  Currently she's added a Christmas Gift section to her online store of finished jewelry designs.  She is happy to gift wrap your purchase so it's ready to put under your tree!


winslowwoman said...

Oh my precious friend Dawn, I an so going to treasure and cherish this necklace, it is a masterpiece and I love it so much and I thank you for your kind words. Bless you sweet lady!

Lori Anderson said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Beadwright said...

Lucky girl. This is just beautiful.
Thanks for leaving a comment for my book giveaway. Maggie Mester is the best.

Kristen said...

Oh Oh oh I sent you an email and now I am drooling all over this and I know that Gen will treasure this forever!

Artisan Originals said...

What a sweet and touching post! The necklace is absolutely gorgeous! You're a very sweet friend.


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