Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is an Awwwww Moment to start your weekend out with a fuzzy feeling

Fuzzy like cute... not fuzzy like fuzzy.  I have an open house this weekend at my dear friend Carol's house - who coincidentally sells Miche purses.  If you don't know what a Miche Bag is, check out Carol's website:

Miche Bag Readers Digest Version:  NEVER Dump your purse to change bags again.  Miche is a base bag with interchangeable shells now in 4 different sizes!

She does a fall open house every year and has asked me to again join her this year.  So I'll be headed over there to set up Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry ahead of time.  So while I've been tagging pieces and putting the finishing touches on my display... I wanted to share a picture with you that will make you go awwwwwwww.

Yes these are my girls, finding their "new" normal.  As I work, they have learned to really love each other (which is saying a lot for my almost 12 year old Springer Brandi.)  Little Bella blew into the house like an F5 tornado over the summer and finally they are learning to play - and actually love each other.  This photo was taking yesterday.  Brandi was sleeping on the VERY cushy dog bed and Bella wanted to cuddle.  So she jumped up next to Brandi, curled up in a ball and away they both did sleep.  Did I tell you I love my girls?

Hope you weekend is filled with sweet and tender Awwww moments!

Dawn Doucette is a jewelry artist based out of her studio in Wisconsin.  You can learn more about Dawn on her website:  As an artist, Dawn specializes in creating custom beaded jewelry that perfectly mirrors the recipients personality.  Currently she's added a Christmas Gift section to her online store of finished jewelry designs.  She is happy to gift wrap your purchase so it's ready to put under your tree!

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