Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Giveaway Presents Revealed

So excited to share with you the first of the birthday presents I gave away.  If you're new to my blog, I had a brief stint on the Celebrity Creators Television show.  On my live show I talked about turning your passion and purpose into a viable business.  I also offered to give away a piece of custom made Designs by Dawn Marie jewelry to one lucky winner.

Well my little Bella has a big mouth and picked two winners.  So here's the present I created for Nancy.  Actually when Nancy found out she won, she asked me to create something special for her granddaughter.  So my first step was to find out a bit more about her granddaughter.  I saw a photo, learned her age, found out the colors she likes and what type of jewelry she wears.

As a teen, she wears a lot of black and red.  So I wanted to make something really "cool" that she'd wear to school or the movies and feel beautiful wearing.  I created a necklace and bracelet set.  The custom made necklace is a choker style with a vintage style skeleton key dangling.  It's a touch of gothic with a dance of vintage romanticism.

For the matching bracelet, I used the classic tiffany-style bracelet with the heart charm.  I used a substantial gunmetal chain and added a few dangly charms, one being a great crystal heart.  Again it has that flair of romanticism with the pop of color!

I can't wait to hear what Nancy's granddaughter thinks when she gets her pretty package.  From what Granny said, she's a very special girl that deserves to be treated as such.  She makes her Granny very proud and it was such a priviledge to create a set for this special girl.  It really touched my heart to be brought into the family.

So I ask my fellow artisan friends, what is one of the most special pieces of custom jewelry you've been asked to create?  I love to hear stories from the heart and I know we all share in the sentimental moments!  So let's spread love together! 

The other winner was Gen and I have finished her heirloom necklace and will be sharing that later this week.  I can't wait to show Gen and hear her reaction.  Hopefully it's the perfect piece that matches her beautiful, generous heart!

Have a terrific week! {Hugs!}


TesoriTrovati said...

I have made many custom pieces. It is what I live for! This summer I made a 10th anniversary necklace with one of my 'simple truths' charms and a tin coated steel disk (tin being the metal for 10th anniversaries) for a client. It was uber romantic the way he helped me with this! I have also done the most poignant things, like making charms to honor the loss of a young girl that her mother and sister wear every day, and a mother-son set for a h.s. classmate to give to her son who was adopted when she was still in h.s.! These are really stunning designs. There is such fire and joy in them. I am sure that the granddaughter will be so pleased! Enjoy the day!

Karla said...

These are so cool, unique, and pretty! I especially love the bracelet. Really nice job!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great designs Dawn...I'm sure the grand daughter will love them!


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