Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amazing Bead Super Woman!

So far so good on the power situation!  If you read yesterday's post, you'll know why I feel so lucky to have electricity this morning!  :)

As I've been blogging for a little while here, I find great joy in seeing other people's creativity and successes.  It always amazing me how much talent people have.  And when I say talent, it comes in all areas - whether cooking or playing with beads & wire... or heating it up with fire and glass.  Getting to know other bloggers and watching their talents evolve has been so much fun!

One blogger in particular that I always love her blog posts  for two reasons.  A. Because she's SUPER talented and her work is really, really amazing, and B. Because her sense of humor and the way she writes is 100% Guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

Julianna Cannon of Juls Beads is that super fly chick!  If you haven't visited her site before, after seeing her work, I know you'll not only visit, but make it almost a ritual... except you don't have to fast or sacrifice anything. :)

Now imagine my delight when I found out I had won a giveaway on her blog... because she snorted Dr. Pepper up her nose... yeah for a win, sorry about the fizzy boogers! :)  You see, she had a few beads with blemishes that weren't over the top perfect.  And Juls believes that her customers deserve the best & ONLY the best.  So these little beauties were up for grabs in a drawing she had.

Let me tell you, even though she's pointed "errr-ows" directly at the so-called-blemishes, I received my beautious bead all packaged safe and soundly... and I still don't see why she doesn't just love them they way they are for their individuality. 

Since I've gotten my bead, I'm pondering the perfect use for it.  But in the meantime, I hug it, and kiss it and treat it like royalty... cuz it's just that beautiful! 

Here's the special, priceless, one-of-a-kind bead that I won... without the "err-ows".  Do you see anything wrong with it?  Me neither!  You can be jealous and it's okay with me! :)
Check out Juls Beads Blog at: http://julsbeads.blogspot.com.  I know you'll become a Juls Addict like I am anxiously awaiting her new posts... getting a little edgy with impatience. :)  Trust me though, it's worth it!



Julianna Cannon said...

Err-ows! HaHaHaHa
That is priceless.

My inflated ego wants to move to its own zip code after reading your post and my ID is threatening to help it pack.

Thanks for all that. Really. :P

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Seriously Juls, your glass beads are amazing! You deserve your own zip code... and I know you'd decorate it all pretty too! :)

Have a super day!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Happy to hear you are powered up! :0)

I do agree can't see anything wrong with those beads, they are gorgeous, lucky you...after all they are individually made only stands to reason there will be differences!!!

Can't wait to see what you do with your bead...
Enjoy your day...

Iva said...

WOW!! how fun!

Jenni said...

Hard to see any blemishes on those pretties!! I am a sucker for lampwork beads..I'll be waiting to see what you make from them!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I gotta go check out Juls Beads Blog if she's throwing or giving away those magnificent beads. They're gorgeous. I hope you'll show us what you decide to do with them. Congratulations on your win!



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