Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogmania Partner - Second Surf

As promised in yesterday's post, I'm really excited to introduce you to my newest Blogmania sponsor this morning!  Barbara Bechtel from Second Surf is our newest Team Member.  As part of our theme "Our Favorite Things" Barbara is excited to be sharing her custom designed jewlery.  For Blogmania, she is going to be creating a one of a kind piece that showcases her talent and unique style.

I met Barbara through a mutual friend's Lisa's blog when she was showcased as the Designer of the Week.  I fell in love with her "Love is All That Matters" necklace the moment I saw it.  You can see why... it's so delicious you could kiss it!  In reading her blog I found out I love that too!  It's not a wonder she was featured a featured designer.  She's really super talented in lots of areas of crafts.  From jewelry, to vintage items to artwork, Barbara has many irons in the fire and creates beautiful pieces!

Barbara operates her Etsy Stores from her home in Florida.  What fascinates me about Barbara is that she she has yes, 3 Etsy Stores for each of her unique creative outlets.  Floridity is her store where she specializes in handmade polymer clay beads and original one of a kind jewelry using these beads.  Each of her pieces are one of a kind, and custom crafted!

Barbara, we are so blessed to have such an inspirational woman such as yourself on our team.  Thank you fo joining us in helping to make Team Favorite Things' Blogmania giveaway better than EVER!

You can check out Barbara via all of the websites below!  She's a gem, and you'll really be glad you took the time to meet her and see what she's up to!

Second Surf Blog:
Floridity Store:
Kit of Parts Store:
Second Surf Store:

Barbara, I don't know where you find the time to do all you do... but we sure are glad you're sharing your talents with the world.  You have many gifts dear!



Mary Ann Carroll said...

Her work is awesome!! I love the charms/pendants that you have featured! MaryAnn

Azure Islands Designs said...

Welcome to Barbara!!!

Her work is fabulous...she is a wonderful addition to Team Favorites!!!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks for stopping over Ladies! Barbara's work is awesome. The more I get to see, the more I love it! I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of artists representing our team for Blogmania!

Have a fabulous day!

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