Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jewelry For Bridesmaids

After making the first set of Swarovski Crystal jewelry for my dear friend for a wedding in Paris, I've been asked to design more with the beautiful crystals.  It just delights me to get requests, because as an artists, that means you see the same beauty in my designs that I did when I created them from my heart. 

I'm currently working on a set of Jewelry for Bridesmaids in an August Wedding.  The wedding colors are pink & black, and the bride requested simple jewelry.  I chose to do a simple dangle earring and memory wire necklace.  This way the pieces are light weight, simple, yet they will show up well in all of the wedding photos.

I also have been asked if I can created a special set for a winter bride.  The lucky gal is getting married in Mexico... the perfect time to escape Wisconsin winters! :)  She's an extraordinary, yet non-traditional bride, so she wants to be wearing garnet jewelry.  She liked the design I had made and posted on Facebook for the Paris Wedding, so she asked if I'd do a custom order for her as well.

I feel so blessed and humbled with the positive response to my crystal bridesmaid jewelry.  I truly love putting smiles on ladies faces and helping them to look even more stunning in all of their photos!  The jewelry for bridesmaids is often something that the bride spends hours pondering or shopping for.  If I can make her special day even more beautiful, and simplify her planning, I love doing so!

Stay tuned for my website release!  I'm so excited to be finishing my jewelry website.  If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you can do so on the right.  Sneak Peek:  June's Issue will have a special promo code for my new website!

Have a wonderful day!



Barbara Bechtel said...

I love the way the crystals around the pendant sort of make a fade or gradient into each other. I can just imagine how pretty they will be in a wedding. Are the dresses pink or black?

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks for stopping over Barbara! The dresses are pink with a black satin sash just under the bust and a black underlay out the bottom - at knee length. :) So I tried to play up the black accents!

Will post picture from wedding party when I get it! :) Have a superb day!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Beautiful set Dawn...the bridesmaids will love them!!!

The necklace & earrings will look lovely with the pink & black dresses!!!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Heather! I think the bridesmaids will love them too! The bride sure does! :) Hope all is going well for you guys!



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