Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Colors - Bright, Bold and Cheerful!

Summer means - days at the beach, bright cheerful flowers, bold, vivacious colors, popsicles & ice cream cones... and bees, but we won't talk about those! :)  It also means we can proudly adorn our ankles with beautiful baubles and our feet in sandals for the world to see!

Having celebrated Memorial Day weekend here in the US, it begins the "unofficial" start of summer.  Kids are nearing the end of school, parents are dreading excited about summer beginning, and with the beautiful weather we've had for the past month, our flowers and gardens look like we're nearing the end of June!  So thus, I'm beginning my "Day at the Beach" designs!

While I don't wear many bracelets, I'm always happy to adorn my ankles with a fun anklet in the summer... different chains, sparkly beads, jingle bells, sea shells... are just a few of my favorite embellishments.  So in the spirit of summer... here's an ode to the start of summer fun and a toast to great summer memories in the making!  Click here if this Anklet is a Must-Have for your summer wardrobe!



Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the anklet Dawn, great colors & charms...I wear a sterling silver anklet I made about 4 years ago but I've been thinking of making more summery anklets...this is great inspiration for me!!!


LuAnn said...

I love the color combination on this!

Dawn -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Ladies! I loved how the color popped too! :) It says "Flamingos & Orange Push-Ups" to me! LOL Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your feedback!

Have a terrific evening!

Everyday Song said...

I hear you on the summer break anxiety. I just found your blog on Wisconsin bloggers. We just went to Lake Geneva for the first time. I wrote about it on Road Trips for Families: http://www.roadtripsforfamilies.com/geneva-lakes-a-lifetime-of-memories/. Maybe it's different if you're from there. Take care!

Rose said...

I love your anklet! The orange reminds me of popsicles and the charms definitely make me yearn for the beach! So pretty :D


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