Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Blogmania Partner - Azure Islands Designs

I'm so excited to announce the first partner for our HUGE Blogmania Giveaway!  Heather Cote, owner of Azure Islands Designs, has been a dear friend of mine for quite some time.  She and I met on our blogs and share a mutual interest in artisan crafted jewelry.  Heather resides in beautiful Canada and is a busy woman!  From organizing the Buskers & sitting on the Board at the local farmer's market in the summer months to participating in craft shows and continuing to design new jewelry, Heather is never at a loss for what to do in her free time!

For Blogmania, Heather is creating a one-of-a-kind, special design.  I'm excited to see her design, but more importantly, I'm grateful to have her on Team Favorite Things.  Heather is one of my Favorite Bloggers, so it's appropriate she's on Team Favorite Things!

Won't you please take some time in your browsing to check out Heather's custom jewelry? 

Here's where you can find Heather and Azure Islands Designs:

Heather's blog -
Heather's Facebook Page -
Heather's Website -
Heather's Etsy Store -

As a team, our theme for Blogmania is "Our Favorite Things!"  If you are interested in joining our team and sponsoring a giveaway for Blogmania, check out the Blogmania Page above for more information or click here to view the post about Partnering Up!  Our goal is to make an incredible giveaway, meet some great new people, and support each other's businesses.  We'll be working together from now through Sept. 15th and 16th to spread the word, build up a great following of readers and have a great time!

A special Thank You to Heather for joining us for Blogmania and for your friendship!  I appreciate you so very much!


1 comment:

Azure Islands Designs said...

Such a grand introduction!!!
It is my pleasure to join Team Favorite Things for the September 15th & 16th Blogmania extravaganza!!!
I look forward to working with you and your team...I know we will have a wonderful array of prizes!
Thank you my friend...


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