Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Up-Cycled Beaded Jewelry Set

So many of us have pieces of jewelry laying around that we aren't wearing anymore, or they've gone out of style, or they're treasures we collected that are attached to memories.  Such is the case for these lovely strands of sea shells.

The story behind these itty bitty sea shells...

Years ago my Aunt Diane took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii.  It was a wonderful trip that she'll cherish forever.  As her momento, she brought back these lovely sea shells.  While they are the perfect souvenir, it wasn't practical to wear on a daily basis.

A short bit of time ago, Aunt Diane won my un-announced contest on a family blog we run for the 300th post.  Yes, I have a big enough family that we all contribute to a family blog to stay in touch with each other on a more regular basis.  We don't let our distance keep us a part.  So for posting our 300th post I announced Aunt Diane had won and I was going to make her a special bracelet.

But rather than making something new, Aunt Diane asked if I could "do something" with these sea shells.  I love a challenge and was tickled she asked.  So she sent me the sea shells (and some absolutely delicious homemade caramels) and gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted.

I started with the necklace and was inspired by the tropical colors of the painted abalone pendant.  Sea shells were the perfect compliment to make a special piece.  But I can't stop at a necklace... after all, I had promised her a bracelet.  So I completed the set with a 4-strand sea shell bracelet and matching earrings. 

Here's my finished products!  I'm so excited for Aunt Diane to receive her package.  As a *Bonus* this year our family Christmas has the theme "Christmas in Hawaii!"  So I'm hoping the extra sea shell bling will accessorize Aunt Diane perfectly!  Love you Auntie D!



Azure Islands Designs said...

What a great story...lucky you to keep in touch with your family members through a a blog...that is a great idea.

I know your Aunt Diane will love her is so pretty...beachy & summery at the same time...great job Dawn!!!


Davinia said...

It's fun to re-cycle older pieces and you've done a wonderful job turning plain into wow.

Bellesanbeaus said...

You did an awesome job...sure your aunt will be thrilled to get this back! And how lucky are you to have such a family that you can all blog together! Have a great day ...Beth

Regina said...

You certainly up-cycled it. What a wonderful transformation, now your aunt has two sets of stories to tell about her shell jewelry from Kauai.

Dawn -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks ladies! Aunt Diane saw the pictures posted on Facebook and LOVES the set. I do feel so very blessed that we can blog together as a family to stay in touch. What's that say about how big our family is? LOL We're big in numbers and big in Love! ♥

This was so much fun, I'm going to look for more things I can up-cycle! Thanks for your comments and for your friendship! I appreciate you SOOOOOOO much!


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Those turned out so pretty! I love the color combination.

Dawn -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Jana! I was tickled with the finished product too! My Aunt just loves it! I appreciate you stopping by!



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