Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spiral Stitch Beaded Rope Project

This week I tried something I have never done before... I went where my beads have never taken me... I traveled to the land of BEAD WEAVING!  I know, now you're thinking... "Oh geez Dawn, yet another obsession..." and you just might be right.  But how cool is it to be able to create chunky beaded chains like the spiral rope chain to hang beautious chunky pendants on? 

I have seen the spiral rope chain created by very, Very talented beaders on their blogs and in their Etsy & Artfire Stores.  I love the look of it, and I've wanted to try it, but had no clue where to start...

In steps my MIL.  She happened to see the Best of Step By Step Beads Magazine at JoAnn's when she was picking up her flags for Memorial Day.  She flipped through and saw the bead weaving and equated it to the wire crochet that I love so much.  So she picked it up and the love of seed beads continues from there...

So over the last week I couldn't wait to get my hands into some thread and itty bitty beads.  I created this pink and chocolate spiral rope chain, which I'm going to put some cone ends on w/ a clasp and call it mine forever because it was my first-born bead weaving project.  :) 

I also created a crystal necklace using some seed beads and 6 mm crystals.  It too turned out sparkley and beautiful and will go in my jewelry box as a treasure forever.  :)    I love trying new things, it opens the mind, expands the creativity and challenges us to create something new. 

If you're looking to break through a plateau, I encourage you to pick up a book, magazine or online tutorial about something you haven't done before.  Challenge yourself to complete it and see what you can learn!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!  On Monday, I'll be sharing with you all about a new Sponsor we have for our Blogmania Giveaway!  You'll just love her - promise! :)



Betty Ann said...

Great article. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I just bought an excellent beading guide and I wanted to share it with everyone to enjoy

Tolduso said...

wow...amazing work with the beads...I love the rope look...

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Wow... Those are both just beautiful! You did a great job!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great pieces...good for you! I don't have the patience for doing that kind of work...part of the reason is the beads/pattern are so difficult to see! :0)



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