Monday, June 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away Already!!!

I'm writing this post between thunderstorms.  Over the last 5 days, my fiance was out of town on a "Male-Bonding" golf trip, we got whacked with MAJOR thunderstorms, lost power on Friday afternoon... but no worries, we have a generator.

Whoops, generator decided it needed a vacation too... just 7 hours into our 48 hour power outage.  Not cool Generac! :)  So it was dark, and the worst part was our garage is detached, and the only way into the garage is via the garage door... which opens with the garage door opener... which is based on the fact you have electricity to the garage... so my vehicle was a prisoner in my own garage. 

I can honestly say, because of the generator, I haven't been without power that long in AGES.  So I compared myself to a boxcar child.  No running water, because our well pump is electric, don't open the refrigerator or freezer for fear of losing precious cold air... I walked 2 1/2 miles for a cup of coffee on Saturday morning... how crazy was that?  The bonus was I got to sit and enjoy it while charging my cell phone... with Panera's electricity.  As we're bracing for 3 more days of storms, I'm praying for pleasant, soft showers, no wind, and please trees... hang on to your limbs!

The beauty in all of this, it gave me plenty of time to make jewelry!  It was 48 hours of un-interrupted bead bliss... kind of like camping, no showers & all! :)

Have a wonderful day and take a moment to enjoy the simple things today.  You'll be glad you did!



Barbara Bechtel said...

well. that does suck! glad your power is back now. i remember some years ago when I first moved to florida, a record 3 hurricanes hit our town in one season. (very rare for hurricanes to visit my neck of florida) and the last one left me without power in 95+ heat and humidity for 2 WEEKS! it was awful. no one had power, i lived in an apt. complex so there were no generators. we got to be very good friends with our neighbors though!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Definitly not crazy to walk 2.5 miles for a cup of coffee...:0)
You know we have an electrical garage door opener as well but we can open it manually...ask your husband to look for a cord hanging from the opener, close to the door itself...if need be, & I've done it myself...I just pull on the cord, very hard mind you and the door will can then be closed by hand as well!!! Check it out...but then... I guess you could think of the 2.5 mile walk as good exercise... :0)

If there has to be precipitation, I hope for gentle rain...with no damage!!!

Azure Islands Designs said...

For heaven sakes, I was so intent on the garage door thing I forgot to say...your time was well spent...gorgeous designs Dawn!!!!

Davinia said...

There was definitely a silver lining in the power black out. You made beautiful jewelry. I'd love 48 hours of uninterrupted jewelry time, but I think I'd also like to have power too. Hope the next lot of storms aren't too ferocious.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Barbara, I can't imagine 2 weeks of no power. That makes me even more greatful that it came on in 48 hrs.

Heather we do have releases on the garage. But there's no service door to the garage, only the two doors that each of our cars go in. So once the power is out, there's no access to get into the garage to pop the latch. That's why it was such a bummer!

Thanks Davinia! It was really nice to have beading bliss. It got a little hard though once the sun started to go down... it became too dark to see small beads. :) And I didn't want to take my work outside... way to dangerous.

I appreciate you stopping by! Hope your week continues to be sunny!


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