Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great Gift Idea!

A while back, I was introduced to a wonderful potter... via his wife whom makes incredible beads!  And this wonderful potter had a giveaway to spread the word about how amazing his wood-fired pottery is.  As it happened, I chose the wrong lottery numbers that day, but my luck was in the his drawing!  Because I won this beautiful wood-fired coffee mug.

The amazing potter is Bill Perrine of Splitfire Pottery.  He and his wife Mary Ann operates MACarroll Beads (which has been an object of my drooling for the better part of a year now.)  :)  Bill and Mary Ann are both wonderful people.  I've enjoyed following their blogs and really enjoy seeing the "reveal" pictures every time they open their kiln. 

Bill is an art teacher by day... but by night, he wears many hats.  His love for art has "fired" is passion for creating one of a kind pottery pieces.  In Bill's Etsy Store, Splitfire Pottery, you'll find coffee mugs, decorative jars, bowls, vases and more all in unique finishes and colors!  Right now, he even has a tea pot that is just beautiful!

The day Bill's package arrived happened to be a really hectic morning.  So imagine my surprise when I open my mailbox and find a package in there!  It put a smile on my face and as I'm sure all of the ceramic treasures Bill creates do for anybody that receives them!

Thank you so much, Bill, for sharing your creativity and talents.  I feel so fortunate to have won your giveaway, and continue to love my mug daily.  It is absolutely my favorite coffee mug. 

Please, take some time to check out Bill's Blog and his Etsy Store, Splitfire Pottery He's a wonderful potter and a really talented artist!  You'll just love his work!  And what a perfect gift to give someone!



Azure Islands Designs said...

Well...congratulations to you...I love both Bill's and Mary Ann's work, in fact I've made a few fabulous bead purchases from Mary Ann & I'm considering a purple mug from Bill...

Both are amazing artisans...
Hope you had a great weekend!

Dawn -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Thanks Heather! I felt so lucky when Bill e-mailed me for my address because I had won. I just love handmade pottery. Knowing someone put their heart and soul into a piece makes it all that more special!

You and I are both purple girls. That's another reason I just LUV this mug. It has some purple with some turquoise (my other fav) and the handle is a nice big handle.

You'll have to post pictures when you order. We'll have to start the Split-fire Pottery Fan Club! :)



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