Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Giveaway!

I wanted to share with you about a new giveaway from a dear friend of mine!  Lisa Crone the author of A Bead A Day is giving away a copy of her incredible book, A Bead in Time

I purchased Lisa's book about a year ago.  What I loved about it is that she offers great illustrations with her written instructions.  So regardless of your skill level, anybody can follow her tutorials and create beautiful jewelry!

Here's how you can win - head over to Lisa's blog (click here) and leave a comment on her post.  I personally, would love for YOU to win.  I've gained TONS... seriously, tons of inspiration from this book.  Lisa shares with you her inspiration behind each project and it gets your creative juices flowing beyond what you might have imagined before.

If you're impatient Irish like me, you'll want your copy whether you win or not.  So you can purchase it directly from Amazon below.  Good luck and may your inspiration flow! :)


Anonymous said...

Just poking my head in to say "hi" and see what you had posted up and signed up win the book "One Bead...". I went to her site and let her know you had sent me. I checked out the book on amazon and it's really great, but I hope I won't have to buy it. Smiles. Hope you had a great weekend.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Isn't Lisa's book just great...I too bought her book last year as soon as it came out... :0)

It truly is a great book, Lisa has done a wonderful job!!!
Enjoy your day...

Dawn -Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Haupi, my fingers & toes are crossed for you! :) It's a great, inspirational beading book and there's SOOOOOOOO many awesome projects with excellent instructions! You will love it!

Heather, I thought you had that book too. It's great. Lisa's a gem, to the bead world and the blog world. Her dedication to daily updates on her blog is amazing! It's always a joy to see what's new in her corner of the blog world!

Thanks for stopping by! Always great to hear from you both!



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